This Guy Woke Up From a Nap to Find His Cat on the Ceiling Fan, and LOL, His Reaction

So many questions.... only answer I have is cats can fly

— AJ The Animal King (@ajakobian) August 7, 2019

One cat owner on Twitter has decided that the only explanation for how cats get themselves up onto high surfaces is that they can fly (and as a cat owner, I think I subscribe to this belief, too). After waking up from a nap, AJ, who goes by AJ The Animal King on Twitter, was shocked to find his cat right above him. No, the feline wasn't simply sitting on his chest, it was laying casually atop the blades of AJ's ceiling fan.

"I just woke up from a nap, and I'm . . ." he starts the video, clearly a little distraught. He turns the camera to his cat, and continues: "What the f*ck is going on here? Put your tongue away! How'd you get on my fan?! How are you going to get off of that?! What?!" He captioned the video on Twitter, "So many questions . . . only answer I have is cats can fly."

We have questions, too, AJ. Like, is your cat good?