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Viral Video of a Moose Eating Halloween Pumpkins

This Moose Devouring Halloween Pumpkins Definitely Decorates For Christmas on Nov. 1

A giant moose wants everyone to know that Halloween 2019 is a wrap, fam. No matter how much you love Halloween, I think we can all agree that this year, the holiday felt like it lasted a full month, and the moose, who was videoed absolutely devouring Halloween pumpkins, is so done. The video, which has nearly nine million views on Twitter, is captioned: "You've been visited by the Halloween moose. May god have mercy on your soul." I like to think, however, that he's actually just a Christmas moose who decorates for the holiday season on Nov. 1 and wants to help everyone else move along in getting rid of their pumpkins to make room for Buddy the Elf inflatables and string lights. The world may never know. Watch the enormous moose in action in the video above.

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