PSA: Watching This Penguin Explore an Empty Aquarium Is an Act of Self-Care

While Chicago's Shedd Aquarium remains closed to human visitors, one of its resident penguins is using his free time to better acquaint himself with his neighbors. Aquarium staff have been dutifully documenting as a rockhopper penguin named Wellington ventures out of his exhibit to meet new friends. With his striking brows and delightful head tilt, Wellington has captured the attention of bored souls scrolling mindlessly through Instagram everywhere (read: me), charming the tails off beluga whales and angelfish in the process. Ahead, follow along with Wellington and his penguin pals as they explore their surroundings and waddle their way straight into our weary, social-distancing hearts.

Wellington Makes a New, Large Friend

Wellington Waddles to the Wild Reef

Wellington Window-Shops For a Souvenir

Wellington Hops to the Great Outdoors

Wellington Investigates the Amazon

Wellington Gracefully Third-Wheels