The Key to Smelling Fresh All Day Long? This Whole-Body Deodorant

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We've all been there. Whether there's no time to run home between yoga and brunch or you're caught in an unairconditioned subway car on your morning commute, sweat and body odor happen, and when they do, self-consciousness inevitably follows. Because the truth is, a shower a day doesn't always keep the stink away. When hopping into the shower for round two isn't an option — but feeling insecure all day isn't either — the next best thing is whole-body deodorant.

Secret's new Whole Body Deodorant gives you 72 hours of clinically proven odor protection for your whole body. And since it's aluminum-free, and made without baking soda or synthetic dyes, you can feel confident applying it wherever you need it most — even sensitive areas like your underboob and privates (for external use only). It's also just as effective on feet, armpits, thighs — you name it. In fact, 4/5 gynecologists and dermatologist would recommend it.

Not only can this deodorant be used all over the body, but the formula is also versatile, as it's available in a smooth gliding stick, nitrogen-powered spray, and water-based cream. They're each specifically designed for different purposes, too. The cream, for example, is perfect for applying in hard to reach areas (a little goes a long way). While the stick is ideal for all-over use. Meanwhile, the spray ensures a quick, hygienic application to multiple parts of your body. No matter which form you prefer, each one goes on clear with no white marks and offers 72 hours of freshness.

Although we'll go to great lengths to smell fresh, dousing ourselves in perfume, splashing soap and water on our armpits in the bathroom sink, or showering multiple times a day are thankfully no longer necessary. Not only is it convenient, it works everywhere you need it to — something even your most trusty underarm deodorant can't compete with. While unscented versions are available, the scents themselves — peach + vanilla blossom and lilac + water lily — smell amazing.

The peace of mind (and confidence) you get from smelling fresh all over is invaluable, especially during the warmer months. So make sure you have a Whole Body Deodorant within reach whenever you need it. Stash one in your purse, glove compartment, or gym bag — it's the no-brainer, on-the-go essential you'll never want to be without.