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Best Abandoned Castles to Visit

11 Abandoned Castles Around the World That Are as Beautiful as They Are Mysterious

It can be hard to believe that some castles, as beautiful, mysterious, and alluring as they are, were once so unloved that they ended up being abandoned. Turrets and towers were sometimes left to fall into ruin or the once mighty palaces were deliberately damaged to stop them from being useful any more. But despite the destruction, the remnants have taken on a romance all of their own as they defy nature and the odds to become must sees on the tourist trail.

Many are now wowing visitors who sometimes travel thousands of miles just to grab a glimpse, and these ruins are often protected and cared for properly — but that doesn't mean they've lost their sense of otherworldliness. From abandoned royal homes to deserted palaces, here are 11 of the most gorgeous abandoned castles in the world that you can visit right now.

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