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Best Audiobooks | June 2016

6 Amazing Audiobook Picks to Listen to This Month

Best Audiobooks | June 2016

June is Audiobook Month, and if you're not convinced listening to a book can be as fulfilling as reading one, let an industry insider tell you! Here are six audiobooks handpicked by Sarah Lieberman, VP and director of marketing at Simon & Schuster Audio, and our friends at Off the Shelf, a daily blog that connects great books with great readers.

I LOVE books but with young children, work, a marriage, and a house, most days are a juggling act with no downtime to sit and read for fun. I have worked in audiobook publishing for years and listened sporadically but never embraced the format completely until recently. Now I listen anytime, anywhere: on the train, the bus, getting groceries or coffee, cooking, cleaning, walking and even going to bed. Through audiobooks I regained my "me time" without taking away from other priorities. To celebrate Audiobook Month, here are some of the books I could not stop listening to — enjoy!

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