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Catt Sadler Travel Tips

Catt Sadler Dishes on Her Travel Must Haves — and They Might Surprise You

Catt Sadler is crazy busy. Between cohosting E! News, being a mother of two, and traveling all over the world (for both work and play), she has a full schedule. We got to speak with the star about all her travel tips when it comes to jet-setting on a moment's notice. She also told us about her favorite place to travel in the whole world — we're currently looking up flights. Check out what Catt had to say!

POPSUGAR: What do you always have in your carry-on when you're traveling?
Catt Sadler: I'll start with some of my beauty essentials. I have very dry skin. So, I always, always try to travel with my body lotion because I slather up in that wherever I go — I love Kiehl's lotion. I'm always taking really good care of my skin. I have a charger and my iPhone 6 loaded up nearby all the time in case I need to get in contact with my kids. It's also important I always have Biotrue ONEday contact lenses with me. When you travel your eye takes such a beating from the airplane, the weather, or cabin pressure. So the disposable lenses are awesome because I don't have to pack my glasses.

PS: When you're getting ready for a trip, what's your packing strategy?
CS: OK, if I'm honest, I'm very busy — I have a full-time job, two kids, and a husband, so when it comes to packing, I'm like run and done. I pack at the last minute. I've learned to really keep it simple. I always throw in my running shoes and one workout outfit even if it means I have to wash it at the hotel. As far as essential fashion key pieces, I always pack my black moto jacket even year-round. It's one of those essential pieces that I can have to wear with jeans during the day or with a dress at night. I also always use Tumi luggage; I'm a hardcore Tumi fan. The sizes are great, and it helps keep me organized.


PS: Where is a memorable hotel you've been able to stay at?
CS: That would probably be the Corinthia Hotel in London. I have been there several times. It's a very high end, luxury hotel in the middle of the city. I've been there with my husband on a romantic trip; I've also been there with my kids. When E! News covered the Olympics in London, I stayed there too.

PS: Where is your favorite place to travel to in the whole world?
CS: I'd probably say the best vacation I've ever had was in the region of Tuscany in Italy. I was there with my husband and kids for about three weeks. My brother-in-law got married there, and that was honestly a total dream. We went to Luca, Florence in the wine country. We went horseback riding through the vineyards and saw the ocean. It was so amazing — the wine, the food, the truffles, the sunsets, I can go on and on. It was magical — I need to schedule a return visit.

PS: Are you planning any trips right now?
CS: Yeah! As a matter of fact, I'm going on a trip in about two weeks. I'm going to the British Virgin Islands for a little break with my two girlfriends. It's just a girls' trip for four days. I'm counting down the days until we leave in early April. So yeah, I'm going to definitely be thinking about packing . . . not that you pack a lot when you go to the islands, but I definitely am in the bikini shopping mode.

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