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Daily Challenges

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Sticking with the same daily routine isn't exciting or challenging, which is why we partnered with NBC's I Can Do That for this post.

If you're more caught up in sticking to the schedule than veering off path, you might be in need a bit of a daily detox jolt. And once you challenge yourself, you might feel more accomplished at the end of the day. Boost your confidence and dare yourself to work your way through this list of easy tasks that change up your daily habits — and potentially the rest of your life.

  1. Move your alarm: Instead of leaving it next to your bed, move your alarm to a spot where you will have to actually get out of bed to turn it off. Even the slightest physical movement invigorates your brain and body first thing in the morning. And while you're at it, change the alarm so you wake up to your favorite song or even a podcast.
  2. Wear something fancy just because: Even if you set your clothes out the night before, challenge yourself to mix it up and toss on a scarf or jewelry you only reserve for special occasions, because every day is special.
  3. Meditate: Really. It's time to take on this daily habit. It's a challenge to find time in your busy day to make meditation happen, but your mental clarity and physical health deserve a bit of chill time.
  4. Take a different route to work: You're used to leaving the house at a specific time to catch the train or bus, but switching things up by walking, biking, or even opting for a different mode of transport and make your day completely different. Do a bit of research and try a new commute.
  5. Turn that frown upside down: It might sound cliché, but putting a positive spin on frustrating situations will help you look at problems with a new attitude. And it's a contagious feeling, so once others start picking up on your change of behavior, you might notice they're more apt to think in a positive way too. Try it for one day and see what happens.
  6. Give someone an unexpected honest compliment: That's right, turn to someone you know, or even a total stranger, and make a point to give them an honest compliment. And, "You look nice today!" doesn't cut it. Pick something specific to praise. You'll make someone else feel good — and you probably will too.
  7. Do something selfless: Whether it's donating time or giving to someone in need, do one selfless act today.
  8. Read a book IRL: Put down your phone and pick up a book. This way you aren't distracted with pings every two seconds or the need to take a selfie or to Instagram the book you're reading. Be present and spend 10 minutes reading a few pages.
  9. Create something with your hands: Grab a pen and doodle a note for a friend, try origami, or even arrange some flowers. Taking a moment daily to hone your creative skills boosts your brain-body connection, memory, and mental energy.
  10. Only use cash: Instead of reaching for your card, only use cash. When you're actually interacting with money, you're more likely to be more aware of how much you are spending. It's a great way to stick to a budget or just discover the amount of cash you're burning through daily.
  11. Talk to people in the elevator: While you're traveling between floors, stop hiding behind your phone and use the time to make eye contact or share short conversation with other passengers. You can even sneak in a compliment or two.
  12. Be early for everything: Leaving five minutes earlier than you normally would for everything you do sets you up for a day of being on time. Once you realize how stress free your day is when you're early, you'll realize it's a daily habit that makes so much sense to stick with.
  13. Turn off your phone: Just try it for one day and see how challenging it is. If you're really having a hard time, it might mean you really need a serious phone intervention.
  14. Give yourself credit for one daily accomplishment: At the end of the day, write down one thing you're proud of that you accomplished during the day. Fold it up and put it in a glass jar. Read through your proud moments at the end of the week — you'll feel so successful.
  15. Go outside: Unless you work in an outdoor environment where you're inundated daily, head outdoors and spend 15 minutes breathing some fresh air. And while you're observing nature, put away your phone and soak it all in. Grab a friend and toss a ball, read while catching some sun, or just enjoy a coffee date in the park.
  16. Call someone you've been thinking about: Don't text, don't email — call the person. Spend 10 minutes chatting and asking engaging questions. You'll feel the connection, which leaves warm, fuzzy feelings in your tummy.
  17. Cook: Challenge yourself to cook one meal today. And if you aren't sure where to start, check out these fast-and-easy dinner recipes. It's a healthy way to connect with what's going into your body, and it's also a great de-stressor in a deliciously creative way.
  18. Attempt one thing you've previously failed at: Which might be cooking! It could be as simple as taking on a winged eyeliner look or pulling of a spreadsheet without help, but taking on a task you aren't supercomfortable with pushes you to try new things and challenge your skills.
  19. Eat one whole fruit or vegetable: Life gets busy, which often makes eating a healthy meal challenging. When you get the urge for a snack, swap something salty or sweet for fresh fruit or vegetables instead.
  20. Switch up your workout: Always head to the treadmill? Join a Spin class instead. If your workouts are usually solitary, try a fun group activity. Same goes for if you prefer having the excitement of others around you. Switch to a solitary workout that pushes your limits.
  21. Take one meaningful photo: During your hectic day, take a moment to stop and take one picture, focusing on something special that happened during the day. Snap a pic of the flowers outside your office in bloom, your fragrant afternoon coffee, or someone's smiling face.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / THEM TOO
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