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Dessert-Inspired Summer Products

15 Summer Must-Haves That Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth — Without a Calorie in Sight

This Summer, things are about to get a whole lot sweeter! We've partnered with L'Oréal Paris to share a handful of products that'll satisfy your dessert cravings, including the brand's chocolate-scented lipsticks.

Sip, snack, snap, repeat! If your Summer agenda has gone a little something like this so far, trust us when we say you're definitely doing something right. But if you think life couldn't get any sweeter, you probably haven't seen these products yet.

Keep enjoying refreshing fruity flavors IRL, because we've found a way to keep your artificial sugar cravings under control — all while improving your style game. Whether you favor giant scoops of ice cream, delectable doughnuts, or ever-irresistible chocolate variations, we've curated a digital pop-up shop that's packed with adorably decadent items to wear and accessorize with. From a scented, long-wear lipstick in a foolproof, creamy nude to playful pool floats, these will adorn your Instagram with a true visual treat.

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