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How to Clean a Sponge

Bust Through Bacteria Buildup in Sponges

Instead of tossing your sponge once it gets a bit dirty, make it germ free for a new life to clean again. Both of these tried-and-tested methods are guaranteed to get rid of just about all the bacteria and germs that are lurking in your sponge, which puts cleaning your sponge regularly at the top of your weekly must-do list.

Nuke It

Start by really giving your sponge a good cleaning, removing any bits that have attached themselves to the sponge. And make sure the sponge is free of soap. This method only works for metal-free sponges, so give it a double check to ensure the sponge is free and clear.

Place the damp sponge on a paper towel, and pop it in the microwave along with a cup filled with water, which protects the microwave from shorting out.

Nuke the sponge on high for two minutes, which will bust through all the lurking germs and sterilize the sponge. Two minutes is all that's needed to get rid of 99.99999 percent of harmful bacteria, making your sponge just like new. The freshly zapped sponge is going to be superhot, so give it a few minutes to cool off before handling.

Dishwasher Method

Don't have a microwave? Put your dishwasher to good use and run your sponge through a full cycle to make it clean again.

Place the sponge in the silverware holder of the dishwasher, and run it through the entire cycle. Just a quick spin through the dishwasher kills 99.9998 percent of bacteria.

It's that simple!

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