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How to Make the Most of the Holidays

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We've partnered with McDonald's to help you make the most of the holidays.

Whether it's unwrapping presents in your PJs or finally being under the same roof as your loved ones, every holiday season is filled with big occasions that we all look forward to. But there are also plenty of smaller — and just as memorable — moments to get excited about come November and December. In an effort to help you truly savor this magical time of the year, we rounded up a dozen feel-good activities that will make this holiday season the best yet.

1. Bundle up and head outside to catch the first snowfall. No matter how cold it gets, the falling flurries never fail to bring out a childlike wonderment.

2. Savor that first sip of a decadent McCafé Peppermint Mocha or McCafé Peppermint Hot Chocolate to welcome the season, whipped cream and all. The rich taste and steamy temperature will warm your insides.

3. Finally nail that hard-to-get holiday card photo starring your adorable (but reluctant) dog/cat/insert your pet here. No one can top your card this year.

4. Take a slow, scenic drive through your neighborhood to revel in the bright lights and festive decorations. It's the perfect opportunity to gather inspiration for your own home.

5. Hunt down the best ugly Christmas sweater that will win you first place in that annual competition.

6. Dim the lights, break out your favorite holiday candle, and light it for the first time this season. The smell will trigger all the amazing memories from previous years.

7. Settle in with a nostalgic holiday movie choice that takes you back to your childhood. Reciting along line by line makes it that much better.

8. Perfect your most elaborate gingerbread house yet — complete with candy cane pillars and a frosting-scalloped roof — and then proceed to eat it piece by piece.

9. Enjoy an evening sitting around the fireplace with your favorite people and reminiscing on celebrations past.

10. Create a beautiful display of all your holiday cards. Seeing your friends and family sitting on the mantel or strung across a wall will bring a smile to your face every time.

11. Shamelessly sing along to those classic holiday tunes that you never tire of, hilariously annoying everyone around you.

12. Make an effort to give back, whether it's volunteering at a local shelter or simply paying a stranger a compliment. Bringing a smile to others is the best feeling of all.

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