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7 Tips to Cut the Costs of Your Wedding Video

If your special day is going to be memorialized in beautiful pictures, you might want to capture it on video, too. After all, decades down the line, when you're celebrating your 30th wedding anniversary, wouldn't it be nice to reminisce and view your wedding highlights on video? If you decide to record your wedding, try not to skimp on the quality by having an amateur shoot it. Instead, here are some other ways you can save on the wedding videographer:

Wedding fair prices: Go attend a wedding fair and try to negotiate a better rate with the videographers you meet there. My friend managed to get 10 percent off the usual rate, just by haggling with the videographer in person at the fair.

Package deal: Find out if you can get a better deal if you hire the photographer and videographer together. This means that they will also be working together vs. clashing, which is also a bonus for you.


Watch the clock: Many videographers will charge you for the time they spend at your wedding. Try to limit what they're filming, so you'll save money on their shooting fees. You'll also save money on editing since they'll have less raw footage to edit. For example, tell the videographer to only film the ceremony and avoid other parts such as your pre-ceremony prep.

Edit it yourself: Request the raw footage from the videographer and edit it on your own. Take an online class to gain some video editing skills for programs such as Final Cut Pro. is a good site for these types of tutorials. I actually shoot and edit videos on my own, and it's not that hard once you get the hang of it. Or find a video-obsessed pal who will be able to do it for you for cheap or free!

Read on for more.

Keep it simple: Don't go crazy with making your video really fancy with special effects and sounds — that may distract the viewer and it can possibly look really cheesy years later. These fancy additions will also cost you more, as the videographer will have to spend more time on editing. Stick to a simple DVD case as well or make your own instead.

Factor in the costs of assistants: Videographers may bring their assistants along for the job, and although it's handy to have other cameras around to capture different angles, you will also be paying more. You might want to cut the number of assistants to save money.

Film student: Take a look around to see if there are any film students who are willing to shoot your special moments for a cheaper price. There is some serious talent in those film schools! But make sure you take a look at his past work before hiring.

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Nikki15423947 Nikki15423947 3 years
This is the worst advice I have ever seen on how someone could save money for their wedding. You are setting them up for a bunch of regrets that they won't be able to undo, nevermind the hassle. Most companies that offer both photo and video specialize in one and suffer in the other. You may get a "deal" in the short run...but in the long run you will have paid more in the loss of what could have been. Often it is throwing the money you are spending on video out the window (so to speak). You said, "try not to skimp on the quality by having an amateur shoot it"...but that's exactly what would happen if they hired someone in or just out of film school. Most people don't know that film school does nothing NOTHING to prepare you for a wedding day. In film school, you have time and control over things like lighting, your subjects positioning, etc. As someone who is in this business, I can tell you I know of many who have tried to hire someone out of film school, and they end up having to spend a lot of time training them (from scratch). Editing a wedding themselves?!?! You make it sound easy. There are a lot of technical aspects that can go beyond what a tutorial can help you with. It could easily become a very frustrating experience...not to mention that there is a storytelling aspect to a wedding video. That's why every bride should shop around by watching clips on websites. They should be getting lost in the film (and, like you said, not distracted by editing techniques). Putting one of these films together is an artform. So brides should choose carefully...and if price is the biggest priority, then they will have to expect a film that will reflect that. Choose carefully! Also, only an insecure Videographer would "haggle" over their prices. A good Cinematographer actually puts a lot MORE work into filming and editing your day than your photographer does. Photographers who have tried to do video tell us all the time that they would never trade places, and acknowledge this. So, if they are working harder, than they should be compensated for that hard work. Not all will charge you by the hour, or for an extra shooter. Trust want that 2nd shooter. You don't want to look at yourselves all day. You want to see your guests react to the your first the intros. You want a wide and a close-up for the kiss at the alter. You want it to look like a movie! Okay...I've said enough. :) Thanks for reading to the end. I just feel very passionately about what we do, and had to respond when I came across this.
Nancy-Einhart Nancy-Einhart 5 years
I didn't have a videographer, just a photographer, because I'd rather just look back at photos. However, I do kind of wish I had at least video recorded the ceremony, because it was really special and yet a bit of a blur for me. If I had to do it again, I'd see if I could get someone for just an hour or so!
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