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Journaling Challenge

Take Our 150-Day Journaling Challenge

Writing is a fantastic way to relieve stress and self-reflect. We've come up with 150 different prompts for you respond to each day for 150 days. These aren't meant to be completed with one word or sentence, either. Really take the time, even if it's just a few minutes, to provide thoughtful answers. You'd be surprised at what you learn about yourself by the end! Take our daily journal challenge below.

Day 1: Favorite part of today
Day 2: Best memory of this year so far
Day 3: The happiest you've ever felt
Day 4: When you've never cried harder
Day 5: Your biggest regret
Day 6: Most proud accomplishments
Day 7: Whatever comes to your mind — don't stop for 10 minutes
Day 8: A letter to yourself five years from now
Day 9: Favorite childhood memory
Day 10: What you'd say to your favorite celebrity
Day 11: Where you'd like to be in life 20 years from now
Day 12: A short story
Day 13: Are you happy right now? Why or why not?
Day 14: Where would you go if you could be anywhere in the world right now?
Day 15: First thing you'd do if you won the lottery
Day 16: What you want to improve about yourself
Day 17: Your best qualities
Day 18: Your short-term and long-term goals
Day 19: What you love most about your SO or best friend
Day 20: What you're most grateful for
Day 21: Your dream date
Day 22: Your dream career if money wasn't an issue
Day 23: Your life story in one paragraph
Day 24: What would make your life complete?
Day 25: Your last remembered dream
Day 26: The craziest night you've ever had
Day 27: The worst experience you've ever had
Day 28: Your most embarrassing memory
Day 29: A letter to someone who did you wrong
Day 30: Who you look up to
Day 31: Your biggest fears
Day 32: What's stressing you out the most right now?
Day 33: Your day only in single words or short phrases
Day 34: Make up a story
Day 35: If you could change your life, would you?
Day 36: What you'd say to your childhood crush
Day 37: Your first kiss
Day 38: Who you love most in this world
Day 39: Your definition of happiness
Day 40: If you had to give up one of your five senses, which would it be?
Day 41: Your favorite gift of all time
Day 42: What superpower you'd choose
Day 43: Write about your week
Day 44: What you'd do if there were no laws in this world
Day 45: What you'd do if you only had one month left to live
Day 46: What you admire most about your friends
Day 47: Your first love
Day 48: What you'd want your dying last words to be
Day 49: One thing you couldn't live without
Day 50: If you could change one thing about today
Day 51: What you'd tell your high school self
Day 52: The best piece of advice you've ever gotten
Day 53: Your values
Day 54: The last person you cried in front of and why
Day 55: Would you want to be famous?
Day 56: The nicest thing someone's ever done for you
Day 57: Your last fight
Day 58: Who you'd want to be stuck in an elevator with
Day 59: A thank-you letter to anybody
Day 60: What you're feeling at this second
Day 61: What you'd do if you could stop the world for 24 hours
Day 62: Your worst quality
Day 63: Something you've never told anyone before
Day 64: What you'd change if you could redo college
Day 65: How you'd define yourself to a stranger
Day 66: The best feeling in the world
Day 67: A moment you're most ashamed of
Day 68: A goodbye letter to someone who doesn't deserve to be in your life
Day 69: How you can improve as a partner or friend
Day 70: Your ultimate goal in life
Day 71: The angriest you've ever felt
Day 72: The most scared you've ever felt
Day 73: The worst date you've ever gone on
Day 74: The most fun you've ever had
Day 75: What you'd do if you were the last person on earth
Day 76: What you'd apologize to your parents or family for
Day 77: If you could take back one moment
Day 78: The most meaningful item you own
Day 79: The most important person in your life
Day 80: What you've always wanted to tell somebody
Day 81: The most important thing you've learned
Day 82: Did you expect your life to be the way it is today?
Day 83: One memory you'll never forget
Day 84: A day you'd like to forget
Day 85: A moment or experience that changed your life
Day 86: Things that make you happy
Day 87: How are you the same or different from your child self?
Day 88: Describe your perfect weekend.
Day 89: What makes you angry?
Day 90: Something you've always wanted to do
Day 91: Things you take for granted for every day
Day 92: The most difficult decision you've ever had to make
Day 93: A time you surprised yourself
Day 94: A time were you most disappointed by someone
Day 95: The loneliest you've ever felt
Day 96: Someone you think about every single day
Day 97: A lesson you've learned from a friend
Day 98: A time you helped someone
Day 99: If you had three wishes
Day 100: The most unfair thing that's happened to you
Day 101: A memory that fills you with joy
Day 102: Three things you'd grab from your home during an emergency
Day 103: The most awkward you've ever felt
Day 104: Three fears you want to overcome this year
Day 105: Could you be taking better care of yourself?
Day 106: A family member who means the most to you
Day 107: Your greatest challenge and how you overcame it
Day 108: How a book affected you
Day 109: Your biggest goal for this year
Day 110: A skill you want to acquire and why
Day 111: Your favorite holiday memory
Day 112: A person no longer in your life
Day 113: A secret you want to let go of
Day 114: A quality you admire most about a co-worker
Day 115: Nice things people have said to you or done for you this week
Day 116: A list of things you can do to help others
Day 117: Three predictions for the year
Day 118: What will be the same or different in your life one year from now?
Day 119: Your definition of success
Day 120: A time you learned from a mistake
Day 121: A victory you're most proud of
Day 122: Your favorite quotes
Day 123: A list of your all-time favorite songs
Day 124: Something sweet you were told that made you cry
Day 125: Someone you're especially thankful for this past year
Day 126: A teacher or professor you learned most from
Day 127: The last time you laughed so hard your stomach hurt
Day 128: What's bothering you this very second?
Day 129: Something you'll never tell your parents
Day 130: The best compliment you've ever received
Day 131: A habit you want to pick up
Day 132: A habit you want to get rid of
Day 133: Qualities you look for in a partner
Day 134: How you're different now compared to this time last year
Day 135: A happy moment that brought you to tears.
Day 136: What's your focus for this week?
Day 137: Something you would change about the world
Day 138: Everything good that happened last week
Day 139: Make a rap about your day.
Day 140: Something you want a second chance on
Day 141: Something you'll always secretly hold a grudge for
Day 142: Are you living as your authentic self?
Day 143: Your first thought when you woke up
Day 144: Are you putting enough effort into your relationships?
Day 145: Something your mind and/or body needs most right now
Day 146: What's stopping you from pursuing your dreams?
Day 147: The last time you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone
Day 148: Your biggest insecurities
Day 149: A love letter to yourself
Day 150: What you've learned about yourself by the end of this challenge

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