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Miami Travel Tips

Traveling to Miami? Here's What You Need to Know Before Going

Miami Travel Tips

Miami's de facto nickname, the Magic City, is a fitting one. The sprawling city is known for its beaches — namely South Beach — and large immigrant population mainly consisting of Cuban-Americans, though those demographics have been changing through the years. It's a city that appears to be altogether on vacation and constantly hustling. It's also, sadly, a city that sees the effects of rising sea levels firsthand and could forever be changed in a matter of decades. And yet, its inhabitants continue to celebrate and praise all that Miami has to offer: its magic, so to speak.

Miami is my hometown, but I often view it through the eyes of a tourist considering the fact that I haven't actually lived in Miami for over five years now. While it is an incredibly tourist-friendly city, there are a few tips you should familiarize yourself with before making your trip down south.

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