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Real Advice For College Graduates

26 Inspiring Pieces of Advice You Should Follow After Graduating College

Leaving college behind and entering life as an actual adult isn't as fun or as easy as TV shows make it look. It's rough and messy, but it's the best time to explore who you are and do everything you want to do. To help you out, we talked to people who wish they could go back and tell their college graduate self these key pieces of advice. So, before taking any leaps, follow the wisdom of people who already went through this period in life and picked up a few key lessons.

  1. You're never going to live in that close proximity to so many of your friends ever again, so squeeze them tight.
  2. It's OK to not know what you want to do when you graduate.
  3. Your dream is in reach, so don't give up, even when you feel like you're lost.
  4. Accept that you're going to be a little bit of a mess for a while, but everything will sort itself out.
  5. Stop drinking wine out of a box — you deserve better than that.
  6. Working out is easier when you're younger. Get started early — it helps with your mental health, emotional stability, and your outlook on life.
  7. Stop partying so much and hooking up with loser boys.
  8. Embrace your dorkiness.
  9. It's OK to live at home after college. If anything, you should be thankful for the free food and rent-free living.
  10. Take the time to prep and give your all at every phone screening/lunch meeting/interview you walk into. Even if it's not your dream job, it might benefit you in some way!
  11. Don't put off your loan repayment.
  12. Learn to budget, but don't stress about it. Getting hung up on the numbers will only bum you out.
  13. Don't let anyone scare you about the real world; it all has to do with your outlook, and the real world is a huge adventure.
  14. Focus on what exactly you want to do, then go for it full force.
  15. Travel and take advantage of any break you have before starting a job!
  16. What you're passionate about will end up mattering so much more than the words on your degree.
  17. Take time off.
  18. Do your best not to take rejection personally — so much of it is being in the right place at the right time, so trust that eventually it will be you that's in the right place at the right time.
  19. Don't feel like you need to jump into a career immediately.
  20. Be patient with yourself and don't let the pressures of trying to look successful for other people make you feel like you're a failure.
  21. You're doing the best you can.
  22. Be nice — you're still best friends with all these friends years later, so make sure they know how much you love them every day.
  23. Make sure you're making all the decisions because they're best for you, not because they're a good compromise or because of someone else.
  24. It's OK be a little broke in a job you like instead of being well paid in a job you don't.
  25. Defer settling down with a job in your industry right after college.
  26. Everything will work out.
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