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Redwood National Park Photos

Why You Must Visit California's Redwood National Park Before You Die

Redwood National Park Photos
Image Source: Kathryn McLamb

Ever experienced a place that makes you recognize just how much of a small speck you are in this massive universe we call home? There's something remarkably special about that feeling. Although Mother Nature has blown me away with awe time and time again, never have I encountered the feeling that rippled through my veins when hiking throughout California's Redwood National Park.

While many travelers can get a sense of these giant trees in the beloved — yet oh so crowded — Muir Woods outside of San Francisco, the real magic stands tall about 300 miles farther north. Soaring high into the sky, these gorgeous groves are unlike anything I've ever witnessed. Absolutely breathtaking!

So if you're looking for your next West Coast adventure or simply seeking an opportunity to marvel in the majestic beauty of nature, read on to see for yourself why you, too, should visit this mystical national park.

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