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Resolutions Made by 100-Year-Olds

You're Going to Love These Resolutions Made by 100-Year-Olds

People who have lived long lives know a thing or two about the right kind of resolutions to make each year. Holiday Retirement, a provider of senior living communities, took note of their wisest residents and asked 100-year-olds across the country what their goals are for the year to come. Some resolutions are expected while other century-old friends listed some totally hilarious intentions. Keep reading to see what these centenarians have to say.

1. Drink whiskey and eat meat.

Dell Lyle, a centenarian from Bloomington, IN, and Vernon Whittern, a 101-year-old from Grand Junction, CO, swear they have lived as long as they have thanks to drinking Kentucky's finest and eating steak.

2. Eat more sweets.

Gretta Clark, a 103-year-old from Fort Gratiot, MI, says the key to a long life is to "eat dark chocolate and give lots of hugs."


3. Spend less time with your spouse.

Though one in five centenarians say you should spend more time with your spouse, six percent say spending less time together leads to a happy marriage.

4. Be stubborn.

Lola Brey, a 100-year-old from Billings, MT, says staying ornery and stubborn led to her longevity.

5. Take your kids to task.

One in five centenarians say today's parents should be stricter and discipline their children more.

6. Ladies, never admit you are wrong.

Harriet Lee, a 101-year-old from Roseburg, OR, says the key to a happy marriage is to "never let a man know he's right."

7. Make your bed every day.

Ms. Lee also attributes her long life to a simple daily chore: making her bed.

8. Put your kids to work.

More than 50 percent of centenarians think today's youth do not understand the value of hard work.

9. Fix Washington.

Even though 2015 is not an election year, it is a great opportunity to become a political advocate. According to centenarians, you can start by fixing military spending, the size of government, and politics in general.

10. Spend more time with people you love.

If they could go back and change one thing about their lives, one in three centenarians would spend more time with loved ones.

11. Spend less. Save more.

One in four centenarians say they regret not starting to save money at an earlier age. Centenarians also think adults today will most regret spending too much money (15 percent), followed by not saving enough money (13 percent).

12. Do what you can, when you can, how you can, for as long as you can.

This year, Vivian Hamilton, a 100-year-old from Sherman, TX, vows to keep that resolution.

13. Get to the gym.

Nearly nine in 10 centenarians say that physical activity has contributed to their health and happiness.

14. Be nicer.

Kay Wood, a 102-year-old from Ocala, FL, says her resolution for 2015 is "to just be nice to people."

15. Make it through the year.

Keep it simple in 2015. Follow 101-year-old Grace Currie's lead. The Surprise, AZ, resident resolves that this year she will "live to be 102."

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