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Road Trips to Take With Friends

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Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sheila Gim

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It's so important to make time to reconnect and spend quality time with friends, but coming up with a plan and locking in a date always gets in the way. No more excuses! We've dreamed up five fun activities you can do with your girlfriends that are only a short road trip away. First, prep the car with the right snacks, a killer soundtrack, and games to play along the way. Then select your destination from the list below. No matter where you end up, it's about enjoying the experience that brings you to your happy place.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sheila Gim

1. Foodie scavenger hunt

What's better than friends and food? Do some research and find some of the best dishes in driving distance, whether it's pizza, tacos, or burgers. Map out the drive from restaurant to restaurant, hop in the car with your crew, and get going!

2. High school reunion

Reunions typically take place around the holidays, which are a perfect opportunity to get all of your friends together and take a trip down memory lane. Take some time off and drive to your hometown with your girls, and bring your yearbooks to reminisce and laugh up a storm. Don't forget to stop by your favorite childhood spots along the way!

3. Snow-day adventure

Snow days are the most nostalgic pastime. Next time a big storm hits, wait for the roads to clear and go on an adventure to find the best slopes. Bring Thermoses filled with hot chocolate for the car ride and blankets to bundle up with in the back seat.

4. Holiday shopping

Getting gifts for every person on your list can feel like a daunting chore. Make it a fun group activity and hit up the stores that you know will have great deals and something for everyone. The added bonus is that your friends can help each other make those tough decisions at the register.

5. Adult art class

Get in touch with your inner creativity and sign up for an adult art class. It's a playful yet grown-up way to let loose with your girls. Even if your work of art isn't up to Picasso's standards, you know your friends won't judge.

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