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Shanghai Disneyland Tips

21 Hacks Shanghai Disneyland Fans Should Know Before Visiting

Know where to snap up Shanghai exclusives.
Image Source: Carlye Wisel

Dreaming of a trip to Shanghai Disneyland? You're not alone. Apparently, over one million people visited the park before it opened in mid-June, proving it's definitely worth the trip.

The park is nothing short of incredible, packed with brand-new attractions, gorgeous sights, and quite possibly the best roller coaster Disney has ever built.

Shanghai Disneyland is super new, so there's not much intel out there, and visiting can be a bit tricky without a handy cheat-sheet. There are plenty of tidbits you'll need to know before you head out, and we've got you covered for all of them. Did you know there are only three places in the park you can get Fastpasses, two places you can get corn dogs, and just one that sells the souvenir you absolutely must grab?! Here's how you can hit them all before having to — sniff! — eventually board that plane to head home:

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