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Signs You Are Messy

17 Things All Messy Girls Understand

Being a messy girl is a full-time job, and most of us don't do it by choice. It's just the way we are, OK? If you live a less-than-tidy lifestyle, you'll totally understand these truths.

  1. You have to carry a Tide To Go pen literally everywhere you go.
  2. You carry napkins in your desk, purse, glove compartment, and anywhere else you can think of.
  3. You don't buy white clothes; it's just not an option.
  4. When you order food, you think about the probability of you spilling before you choose what to eat.
  5. It sometimes takes you hours to look for your keys.
  6. Your closet is basically a pile of clothes.
  7. Your desk is like your closet — stuff is everywhere.
  8. You always leave crumbs behind after you eat, no matter how hard you try.
  9. You use the excuse that you're a "creative type" for your messiness.
  10. You hate ironing and avoid buying clothes that will wrinkle.
  11. You would much prefer to hire a cleaning service than clean your house yourself.
  12. You go through phases where you're going to be a "neat person." They usually last a day.
  13. Nobody can find anything in your piles of stuff, but you know exactly where everything is.
  14. You avoid making your bed like the plague.
  15. Finding the remote is an impossible task.
  16. You try to stay away from food-related first dates.
  17. Your friends know you're the messy one and they accept you for your ways, but they definitely tease you a little.
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