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Snow Monkey Hot Springs in Yamanouchi, Japan

These Snow Monkeys Chill in a Hot Spring, Give Zero F*cks

Snow Monkey Hot Springs in Yamanouchi, Japan
Image Source: Lenny Sharp

Important announcement: there exists, in this otherwise impure world, a park where snow monkeys lounge in hot springs. Yep, you heard that right: in Yamanouchi, Japan, adorable (and eerily human-like) macaques luxuriate in steaming hot springs in the middle of a snowy park. The park is open to visitors and accessible by a short walking path, every damn step of which we're sure is worth the reward at the end. Since the monkeys are used to seeing humans, they pretty much just ignore their spectators and go about their business, which consists of picking bugs off each other, snuggling in groups, and soaking their cares away. They're basically you at your most recent girls' weekend, with less booze.

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