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Staycation Ideas

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Jet-setting to a tropical island isn't the only way to enjoy a vacation in the sun. We've partnered with Hawaiian Tropic to help you find the perfect staycation for you.

Between busy schedules and the stress of adult life, we could all use some quality R&R. Luckily, a staycation is the perfect way to reap the benefits of a full vacay without the steep price tag. Guided by your five senses, answer the questions ahead to discover ways to wind down in your locale this Summer — including what to pack for each one.

Discover Your Perfect Staycation
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What does yourperfect day off looklike? Working out Chilling at home Getting a massage Eating out Relaxing outdoors What sound soothesyou best? Waves Nothing but nature A chill playlist The sounds of the city A podcast What’s your go-tosnack? Fresh fruit A green smoothie Sweets Anything cheesy A granola bar The most satisfyingsmell is . . . Candles burning Food cooking Woodsy scents Fresh-cut grass Tropical scents What's your favoriteway to lounge? With pillows Wrapped in cashmere On a beach towel On the couch In a silk robe