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Swiss Airlines Flight Attendant Secrets

This Flight Attendant Answers 11 Questions You Really Want to Ask

Is it possible to clog the toilets on an airplane? And how exactly does one optimize their experience when attempting to join the Mile High Club? Flight attendants, unsurprisingly, know the answers to basic questions about flying, but they also have some juicy intel when it comes to the burning questions you want answered, but are too afraid (or embarrassed) to ask. A flight attendant who is based in Zurich and currently flies shorthaul and longhaul flights for SWISS International Airlines took to Reddit to reveal some major secrets only someone who flies the skies daily would know.

1. Are you judging me when I order my fifth Jack Daniels?

"I don't judge you. As far as your and our safety is not concerned you can drink as much as you want. But I may refuse to serve you alcohol if it does."

2. Is it possible to clog the toilets?

"Technically it is possible. Flushing the toilet activates a suction mechanism which is really strong. If you are able to clog that you achieved something!"

3. How do you join the "Mile High Club"?

"Actually there is a perfect way to join the mile high club. If you fly with an A320P or an A321P there will be two lavatories in the back of the aircraft. These two lavatories are also wheelchair accessible. So you convert those two in to one by sliding the wall in between aside (very easy to do so from the inside and locked doors). So you two would go in to those lavatories at the same time, slide aside the wall and have fun. Don't forget to lock the wall in place again when leaving."

4. As you are traveling a lot, staying a lot in hotels without a partner, how do you manage your sexual life? Are you open in general for sexual adventures in hotels etc.?

"I am single at the moment. For my sexual life abroad I use Tinder. I like sexual adventures. I am totally up for it."

5. Aren't you sometimes afraid of traveling with all the terrorist attacks?

"I am not afraid of terrorists. I trust the security officers on the ground. The most thing I am worried about is turbulence whilst departing or landing."

6. My daughter just told me that she wants to be a flight attendant because then she could travel all over. What would you say to that?

"I would say encourage her to experience what she thinks is good. I can and I am traveling all over in my free time. My spending goals changed from new technology to flights for traveling on my free days. For example I am off to Prague in a few weeks for four days. And then off to Vienna and Bucharest. It is a beautiful job and she should totally give it a go."

7. Does the choice of airline matter, aside from the potential routes?

"The choice of airline does matter indeed. It is all about the service in the background. If you work for a well-esteemed airline you will have much more things to don't worry about. For example: I get my uniform cleaned by a cleaning service, I get discounts everywhere with my Crew-ID and so on. The more people know and love your airline the better you will be treated."

8. How does one get started as a flight attendant?

"To get started I went to a cabin crew casting in my city. All information about getting started should be found on every website of the respective airline."

9. What is the biggest problem/challenge you face at work?

"Getting enough sleep. For example: I wake up at 8 a.m., have to start my day at 11 a.m. and will finish my day at 11:30 p.m. at home. Since I get a few moments for resting in between the flights I am not tired when I come home. I then do some work at my computer or watch Netflix for an hour or two. And then my next workday starts at 6 a.m.. But luckily I have got a lot of free days a month. Last month I had 14 days off."

10. Do you like to travel internationally?

"Oh I love it. There is more time at the city abroad. For example next month I will have a flight to Chicago where I can spend 28 hours as I like in between the flights. Hotel, meals, and transportation from and to the airport are paid."

11. Since it seems you have a lot of time off (You mentioned 14 days last month) how are you paid? Are you paid per flight? Do longer flights have different pay grades?

"I am paid a flat rate per month. It is not horrendously much but enough to rent my own flat and live my own life. There is a maximum duty timer per month and year the planning team has to respect. In the end of the year it is said to get very busy schedules though."

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