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Things to Do in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Mountain Highs: Head to Jackson Hole, WY, For a Wild Weekend

Things to Do in Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Image Source: Carrie Bell

Wyoming? When just saying a state's name sounds like a doubt-filled question, it might be hard to get pumped about using your PTO for a vacation there. But like Paris, Jackson Hole is always a good idea.

For one, it offers four seasons of fun, especially for those people nurtured by nature or craving an adrenaline rush. The air is fresh, as is the beer. The mountains are majestic, the wildflowers vibrant, the people welcoming, the food and shopping scene constantly improving. Hell, even the airport, the only commercial one inside a national park, has a roaring fire, reclaimed wood paneling, and a fine-art photography exhibit. And thanks to a movement to turn downtown motels past their prime into plaid-clad influencer bait at slightly more affordable price points, there has never been a better time to grab your fleece and head into the wild of the Cowboy State.

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