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Things to Do in Venice

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The Italian island of Venice is a destination that attracts people from around the world and we partnered with Hilton Hotels & Resorts to present adventures and activities that prove this city has more than just romance to offer.

The city has so much to offer, from world-renowned restaurants to centuries-old landmarks. Keep reading for seven activities that will make you want to travel here.

1. Tour the Palazzo Ducale.

Known in English as Doge's Palace, this museum is truly unique. Its Gothic-inspired exterior is only a prelude to the extraordinary art inside. If you want a real taste of history during your stay, this is one sight you can't miss.

Image Source: Getty / Marco Secchi

2. Eat pasta like it's Chinese takeout.

Hidden within the narrow and charming streets of the city, Dal Moro's is serving up fresh pasta in to-go cartons. It doesn't get more authentic than handmade noodles that you can customize to your liking, so grab lunch and keep exploring.

3. Stop by Piazza San Marco.

Every city in Italy has one major piazza, and in Venice it's San Marco. There are tons of quaint cafes and eateries along the perimeter that are perfect for people watching. The bell tower there, St Mark's Campanile, is one of the most recognizable symbols of the city.

4. Visit the famous Harry's Bar.

Founded by Giuseppe Cipriani, Harry's Bar is a legendary spot not only in Venice, but across the globe. It's known to have the best Bellini cocktails in the world. Stopping by this institution should be on every travel bucket list.

Image Source: Getty / Luca Ghidoni

5. Learn how to make glass.

Venice is known for its fine handmade glass. There are various factories throughout the city where you can watch, learn, and even create your own masterpiece. For the ultimate experience, take a trip to the Venetian island of Murano, where this art form was born.

6. Walk across the Rialto Bridge.

Possibly one of the most famous landmarks in all of Italy, the Rialto Bridge is a magnet for any culture seeker. It's the oldest bridge spanning the Grand Canal and is constructed in stone, making for the perfect photo op.

7. Of course, take a gondola ride.

Yes, there's no denying that a gondola ride along the Grand Canal can be considered romantic, but it's also a great way to get a 360-degree view of the entire city. Plus, you'll finally be able to see what all the stereotypical hype is really about. Trust us, the experience is worth every minute!

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