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Things You Shouldn't DIY

14 Things You Should Never Ever DIY

There are so many awesome things to DIY. From cleaning supplies to upcycling projects, making something yourself is so rewarding. The thing is, some stuff should be left for the professionals. You may feel ambitious, but, take it from us, the following are things you should never DIY.

  1. Sunscreen: Here's the deal — sunscreen needs to work, which makes DIYing a bit of a risk. Mixing your own lotions with zinc or titanium dioxide might seem easy enough (not really), but the big problem is you don't know what level of SPF you are getting. Unless you're feeling pretty positive that you have the winning recipe, it's a good idea to purchase sunscreen, ensuring no one gets burnt.
  2. Dishwashing detergent: Homemade dishwashing detergent can be a challenge. From leaving streaks to clumping at the bottom of your dishwasher, let this DIY go. While making your own might seem like a good idea, to ensure your dishes are really clean and safe for eating off of, pick a favorite name brand and stick with it. Check out our list of cleaning DIYs that really work.
  3. Contact solution: Your eyes are important, so messing around with DIY contact solution is a big no-no. Sure, it's a pain paying for this cleaner, but it's a smart investment that keeps eyes healthy. Wearing contact lenses is a responsibility that shouldn't be taken lightly. Improperly cleaned lenses can cause eye irritation and infection, which is no fun.
  4. Eye drops: Just like contact solution, messing around with your eyes isn't a good idea. Steer clear of homemade solutions, and your eyes will thank you. If your peepers are feeling a little dry, try dripping a few drops of clean water into eyes from freshly washed hands.
  5. Hot wax: If you've ever had a professional hot wax, you know what we're talking about. You might think DIYing this procedure is a good idea, but we suggest paying for it. Making your own hot wax can lead to burns and potential bacterial infections if the wax isn't handled properly.
  6. Tampons: Don't do it. Using a homemade tampon is unhygienic and can lead to infections.
  7. Condoms: Please do not attempt making condoms. This is definitely a product that you should purchase at the pharmacy.
  8. Cat litter: Although most are made from natural ingredients, mixing together your own cat litter can result in a big mess. This is another product that's better to pay for than DIY. And experimenting with your own homemade blend of cat litter can also be unhealthy for your pet, causing lung irritation. Poor kitty!
  9. Nail polish: Nail polishes range from superpigmented to all natural, which makes this a beauty product that is best left to professionals. DIYing nail polish from scratch involves mixing together specialty ingredients, such as solvents, that need to be handled by a professional. Misuse could create toxic fumes and skin irritation.
  10. Nail polish remover: Let's just follow up nail polish with nail polish remover. Traditional removers are already so toxic — attempting your own version could be harmful if inhaled.
  11. Fire extinguisher: Keep your stuff safe and stick with the real deal. And if you don't have a fire extinguisher tucked under your kitchen sink, go pick one up now. Creating a fire-safe home is important, and messing around with a homemade extinguisher might not take care of big flames.
  12. Hair dye: If you love you hair, then stick with heading to the salon when you're wanting to add a new color to your locks. Experimenting with ingredients can damage hair and have horrific results (shades of green!). Just like with mixing together your own sunscreen, you may have the ingredients for this DIY, but you won't know how your hair will look until after it's applied.
  13. Lightbulbs: Don't be the dimmest bulb of the bunch and attempt making your own lightbulbs. And you can find several CFLs for supercheap, making heading to the store a smart move. Pretty much DIYing anything that can be plugged in is a danger, resulting in electric shock or even a fire.
  14. Infestation terminator: Whether it's bugs or rodents, DIYing terminator can be seriously dangerous to pets and children. If you have any sort of infestation, contact a local professional for help.

Did we miss anything? Share other items that you should never DIY in the comments below!

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