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Thrift Store 1970s Costume

Thrift This Killer Costume — For Under $25

Now that the pressure is on to find a Halloween costume, you're telling us you don't want to dress like a sexy corn husk or throw on a Scream mask? Shocker! Luckily, your local thrift store has the perfect solution. We don't know about you, but an original, no-one-else-has-this costume is a winner on all levels, and that's just what you can find at these shops. And the best part is you'll score your outfit on a budget — guaranteed. As proof, we asked Paige Ricks, a fashion blogger and photographer at STYLEpaige to head to Thrift Town in San Francisco to see what she could score for $25 or less. Excited to see what she found? Ready, set . . . let's do it.

The Challenge

Up for the task! The goal is to find a standout costume for $25 max. Two ideas in mind: Cher from Clueless or cowgirl.

Tip: Try to have a costume in mind before you go so you can look for key pieces, but stay open to changing course if you find one standout item to base your entire outfit around. In other words, consider the whole outing a puzzle.

The Search

Feeling a little overwhelmed searching through all the racks. Keeping eyes peeled for a plaid jacket or cut-off shorts, but hoping to find something "OMG"-worthy.

Tip: For best (non-Google) search results, go with a friend, tell one another what you're looking for, and split up to cover all your bases. She might find something that you looked over. And try to hit thrift stores in the morning to get the best selection.

The First Find

Finding an incredible shaggy jacket with a cropped fit squished between a black windbreaker (boring!) and jean vest = major score. It simultaneously screams "take me" and "1970s," and is the perfect start to a retro costume. Price: $10.

Tip: When searching for a unique item, scan for bright colors, funky textures, or head straight to the vintage section.

Keep reading to see the full costume!

The Pink Pants

Bright pink pants with a flared hem? Say no more. Slowly but surely, a 1970s costume is coming together. Price: $3.

Tip: You could look for items that you'll actually want to wear again, but when they're this cheap, go bold or go home. Halloween's all about making an impact, so look for items that each bring something unique to the table.

The Missing Piece

This one takes a little longer to find than the other two pieces. Flowly floral blouses and tops with neckties are options, but none really make the outfit. A couple of runs from the dressing room to the racks later, this one pops up, and it's the perfect piece to tie it all together. Price: $10.

Tip: Try, try, again. Even if you've already tried on all your items but aren't totally satisfied, give the store one more quick look over. An employee could have put something back on the racks while you were in the dressing room.

The Details

With the star pieces in hand, it's time to show off all the goods. Think pink on pink on pink on pink.

Tip: Accessorize with things you already own, like shoes (loafers in this case), jewelry, and stellar make up.

The Final Look

Boom! We introduce you to the flyest 1970s girl on the block.

Tip: Just because you're going for a specific costume doesn't mean you have to follow it to a T. Instead, try a fun variation on a classic look. In this case, you can do 1970s without scouring for a tight metallic jumpsuit.

Oh, and did we mention the grand total came out to $24.98? Ka-ching!

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