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Tips to Find Time For Yourself

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Hanging with people you love is awesome, but solitude is good for your well-being too. We partnered with Stayfree® pads to encourage you to get comfy going it alone with these tips that help you take time out for yourself every day.

Let's admit it — making time for yourself isn't always at the top of our agendas, but sneaking more moments for yourself actually boosts productivity, energy levels, and your positive attitude. Instead of shoving yourself to the bottom of your must-do list, here are 23 smart ways to sneak me time into your day, every day.

  1. Schedule it: It might seem silly, but add a 15-minute time-out to your schedule every day — and set a reminder. When you get alerted, make a point to stop whatever you are doing and actually enjoy a few minutes meeting with yourself.
  2. Meditate: Meditation is a great way to really connect with yourself and purge negative energy. And, if you're not sure where to start, try some basic meditation practices to get started.
  3. Go to the library: The library is a wonderful place to sneak in me time. They are quiet, no one is talking, and you are surrounded by books. Pick out a book and find a quiet corner to just relax.
  4. Feed the ducks: It might sound silly, but load up that stale bread instead of tossing it in the garbage, and head to your local park to feed the birds. Spending time in nature is so refreshing and a great way to chill out while making some birdie friends.
  5. Take a class: Always wanted to learn how to make cheese? Interested in French literature? Sign up for a class and enjoy learning something while enjoying time to yourself. And if you prepay, you'll be more inclined to actually go.
  6. Wake up early: Sure, you might not be excited about setting your alarm earlier, but waking up 30 minutes before you actually need to gives you the time to spend with yourself, setting you up for an awesome day.
  7. There's an app for that: Yes, there is actually a free app that helps you remember to take me time, along with cute suggestions for making your day better.
  8. Do your grocery shopping online: Although doing your grocery shopping online isn't a suggestion for sneaking in me time, it does cut out time spent at the grocery store, providing you with more time during the day to spend on yourself.
  9. Take a bathroom break: Chillin' in the bathroom might not sound like a fabulous way to catch a little me time, but for some, it's the only place to get away from it all. And you can even make the space more indulgent by stashing your favorite magazine in a drawer — along with individually wrapped chocolates or treats, too.
  10. Stop saying you don't have time: Every time you find yourself saying you don't have time for me time, stop what you're doing and take a time-out. Really. Sit down and relax.
  11. Take a long lunch: Go out for lunch and add an extra 15 minutes to your meal. Bring a book or just people-watch with decompressing and digesting.
  12. Make wait time recharge time: If you know you're going to have to wait before that next doctor's appointment, make it worth the time and bring a book or a tasty snack to enjoy while being forced into some me time.
  13. Double-cook dinners: Also not necessarily a way to sneak me time into today, but making a double batch of dinner gives you a night off from cooking another day of the week. Use the time you would have spent cooking catching up on your favorite shows or relaxing with friends.
  14. Make a me-time list: Create a list of all the activities you wish you had the time to do. Then start at the top and work your way down the list whenever you have the time. You might find yourself making more of an effort to hit your list!
  15. Go pretend shopping: Especially during the holidays, a smart way to sneak in some me time is to say you need to do a bit of last-minute shopping. No one will stop you as you're walking out the door.
  16. Simplify your stuff: From banking online to utilizing helpful organizational apps, simplifying your day actually leaves you more time. Just make the effort to actually use those extra hours on yourself!
  17. Make the most of your commute: Although you're not always alone while commuting, it's a smart way to get some me time. Create a playlist of your favorite songs to pump you up before work, download a book to listen to, or zen out with some guided meditation.
  18. Walk instead of driving: Walking is so therapeutic and is a great way to boost your energy. Try walking instead of driving short distances for a bit of me time that will leave you feeling refreshed.
  19. Take a bath instead of a shower: Even if you're feeling a little frantic in the morning, swap a bath for a shower. Just taking the few extra minutes to lounge in a bath sets you up for an awesome day. And while you're waiting for the tub to fill, get caught up on emails, then put your phone away while soaking.
  20. Make cleaning fun: Nobody loves washing dishes, but you can turn it into a bit of time to yourself by listening to an audio book or singing along to some tunes.
  21. Skip making the bed: It doesn't have to be making the bed — it could be putting the dishes away — but skipping one chore gives you five minutes just for you. Use that time to do something relaxing instead.
  22. Get a manicure during your lunch break: Eat your lunch on the way to the salon, like an easy-to-eat wrap sandwich or healthy protein-filled smoothie, and enjoy a midday spa treatment.
  23. Take a drink run: While at work, offer to run for coffee, which makes your co-workers happy and gives you a me-time break from the office. Take your time heading to the coffee shop, sip your drink before putting in your co-workers' drink orders, and start feeling better.

How do you get your me-time fix?

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