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Unconventional Life Hacks

17 Surprising Life Tips That Will Benefit You Greatly

We're all for little life hacks here at POPSUGAR, and we've found the perfect thread on Quora for cool, unconventional tips regarding . . . everything, from facial expressions to unwritten rules to peeling bananas. So awesome! Here are the best ones (bookmark this page, dear readers!).

  1. "Learn to say 'no' without providing an excuse." — Quora user Jennifer Bullard
  2. "At fast food chains, ask for your fries to be unsalted and salt your own fries later." — Quora user Jennefer Chen
  3. "The 60/60 rule holds that one minute on the phone will accomplish an hour or more of texts or emails." — Quora user Doug Parker
  4. "Keep close people with whom you disagree." — Anonymous Quora user
  5. "Walk in new cities with a camera looking for at least three different types of shots to take. You will see more of the city and in a different way than others."
    — Quora user Jennifer Bullard
  6. "Smile, then ask." — Quora user Rob Hanna
  7. "Unwritten rules, including social etiquette, cultural norms, etc. . . . are not meant to be re-written; they're not written because they're meant to be ignored."
    — Anonymous Quora user
  8. "Sleep." — Quora user Richa Shukla
  9. "Open a banana every time by holding it by the stem and flicking it forward."
    — Quora user Jennefer Chen
  10. "Live abroad at least once in your life." — Anonymous Quora user
  11. "Treat yourself like a best friend." — Quora user Doug Parker
  12. "Eliminate one bad habit a year." — Quora user Jennifer Bullard
  13. "Toilet seat covers make for great blotting paper." — Quora user Jennefer Chen
  14. "Make 'em laugh." — Quora user Katy Levinson
  15. "Your wife's emotional state is more important than your need to be right."
    — Anonymous Quora user
  16. "Show up early to networking events and parties. Stand near the door and essentially greet people." — Quora user Jennifer Bullard
  17. "Nothing really matters as much as you think it does. No, really." — Quora user Doug Parker
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