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Ways to Find Joy in Life

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A beautiful scent can completely change your outlook, leaving you feeling refreshed and joyful. That's why we partnered with Gain for ways to find happiness in your everyday activities.

Set a whole new direction for your day and wake up ready to change your outlook. Just a quick mental check can be what you need for a complete reset, which can lead you in the right direction. Finding the positive in your everyday routine will leave you smiling, making you more approachable — and elevating your self-confidence and mood. And working through these suggestions are completely free. You can't beat that.

  1. Wake up to music: Stop getting jarred awake with an annoying alarm and set up your alarm to play your favorite song. Even though you might not be excited about getting up and out of bed, it's hard to resist a good song. Jump up and sing — it's a great way to start your day.
  2. Organize your wardrobe: Give your look an update and go through your closet. Before putting everything that you're keeping away, organize your clothes in outfits, so you can just grab an outfit and get dressed. Feel the texture of the clothes, mixing and matching smooth and comforting textures, leaving you feeling comfortable and confident during the day. And because you already know the combo works, there's no self-doubt first thing in the morning, which gets rid of any stress.
  3. Only use products you love: Your morning and evening beauty routine should be effortless, so only include products you love. Surround yourself with scents that make you smile, indulge and buy that hand cream you love (which also keeps your hands so smooth), and double up on an extra lip stain in your signature shade so you can bring it everywhere.

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  1. Look where you walk: If part of your commute involves walking, take a moment and look around you, enjoying the surroundings. Spending time in nature grounds your mind and reminds you of what's just outside your door.
  2. Enjoy waiting: You might not think waiting for anything can be joyful, but when you switch your mind-set, it's an opportunity for so many things. Be adventurous and talk with the person next to you, write a personal email to someone you are thinking about, or make a positive goal for the day.
  3. Smile while working out: Getting your sweat on is a big de-stresser, and it also elevates your mood. So while hitting the gym, toss a smile on your face and enjoy the physical activity. Be grateful you have a strong and healthy body and are working hard to keep it that way.
  4. Count through stress: Getting stuck in traffic, being late for an important meeting, or having a run-in with a challenging workmate can leave you mentally stressed. Instead of letting it affect your day, count the things you are thankful for, like a car to drive, a job, and good friends. Take a deep, cleansing breath and move on.
  5. Clean happy: One of my favorite ways to clean is by getting rid of any distractions, like my phone or the idea of binge-watching anything. Set a goal for yourself, like cleaning one area of your space, and then reward yourself with something you love. Clearing the clutter makes your space seem bigger and also leaves you feeling accomplished.
  6. Delightful laundry: Doing laundry is always at the bottom of my happy list, but you can turn it into less of a chore by using the time to go through your clothes and putting aside a pile to donate. Folding or hanging straight from the dryer cuts back on wrinkles, which means less ironing later. You gotta love that. And using a fabric softener or laundry detergent with a bright scent leaves you feeling invigorated.
  7. Get your work groove on: Stop daydreaming your workday away and get focused on your accomplishments. Setting up long-term goals will leave you feeling positive about the future. Share your thoughts with others, network, and join in on social activities, which expands your work reach while making new connections.
  8. End on a good note: Before heading to bed, instead of zoning out for hours catching up on missed shows, go through your inbox and delete emails, write reminders for tomorrow, and check your calendar so you're prepped for the day.

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