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What to Do When You're Mad at Someone

The 1 Constructive Thing You Should Do When You're Mad at Someone

What to Do When You're Mad at Someone
Image Source: Flickr user Matt

We've all been there: a conflict arises with a friend, parent, partner, or co-worker, and you're left wading through feelings of resentment and frustration. It can be tough to deal with an invasive emotion like anger — especially when you're not quite sure what to do or say in the heat of the moment. Reddit's back at it again with the life hacks, and this time, user Whiteberry reveals their tip for how to handle the situation without blowing off steam destructively. The simple fix? Write a letter.

"Angry at someone?" the Redditor wrote. "Write a letter to them, but don't send it. It will help you understand why you're angry and keep you from overreacting emotionally." Mapping out your feelings on paper is a wonderful way to get yourself under control before doing something drastic. If you don't plan to give the person your letter, don't hold back! Let it all out (and trust us, it'll come out). When you're finished, you can rip the letter up and throw it out, or keep it out of sight until you're over it.

Whiteberry also links to a WikiHow page that features an example complaint letter, in case you're interested in actually sending a thoughtful letter to the offender.

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