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Sources: Shutterstock and Toyota
There are more connections between your personality and your car than you may think. We partnered with Toyota Corolla to see just how similar the two really are.

There's something extremely personal about a car. Whether it's the story behind how you got it (it was passed down from your family, you worked day and night to afford it) or all of the places you've traveled with it, the experiences each person has with their vehicle are unique. That got us thinking: Do the cars we own have the ability to reflect who we are as people? Take the fun quiz ahead to find out what your ride reveals about you.

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The color that speaks to your soul is:

Of all the bells and whistles, you chose:

The one thing that's always in your backseat is:

As soon as you got the keys, the first thing you added was:

The amount of times you get a car wash per month is:

Oops, forgot again.