38 DIY Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas For Women

Everyone knows that a big part of Halloween is deciding what costume you're going to wear. And while you can always go for an early 2000s Halloween costume, a DIY cowgirl costume, or maybe even a simple witch costume, why not make this Halloween the time you dress up in an easy and sexy Halloween costume? The thing is, looking sexy and feeling hot has never been easier (or cheaper) because most of the materials for these sexy Halloween costume ideas are already in your closet.

That white button-down you never wear? Perfect for re-creating Britney Spears's iconic ". . . Baby One More Time" look. The lacy Victoria's Secret bra and panty set in your drawer? Just add wings and be an angel. The animal ears you have tucked away in a crevice of your bedroom? The perfect excuse to go the "Mean Girls" route, and just throw on some lingerie and any old pair of animal ears. Bottom line: not only are these sexy Halloween costume ideas for women easy, but you'll also look absolutely stunning.

Whether you decide to strut your getup alone, with your partner for a sexy couples Halloween costume, or with your BFF, these DIY sexy Halloween costume ideas will make this your hottest Halloween yet. No matter if you need a last-minute sexy Halloween costume or are just planning ahead for the string of seasonal parties you'll be invited to, these hot Halloween costume ideas will make you feel glamorous all throughout the coming months. Check out these sexy Halloween costume ideas ahead, and get ready to make this Halloween hotter than ever.

Additional reporting by Haley Lyndes, Lauren Harano, Melissa Santoyo, and Taylor Andrews


Sexy Halloween Costume Idea: Angel

Halo + bra + wings = an easy, sexy DIY Halloween costume. Put on a white bra and wings, and turn yourself into a blessing from above.


Sexy Halloween Costume Idea: J Lo

An outfit like this is honestly just too iconic to pass up. Channel one of Jennifer Lopez's signature '90s looks with this sexy DIY costume by wearing a white bandanna, a cropped white tank, white jeans, and some bling.


Sexy Halloween Costume Idea: Madonna

This easy, sexy Halloween costume from the '80s will always be in — at least for Halloween. After all, you can't go wrong with a Madonna-inspired outfit. Wear a white lace bodysuit, fishnet tights, a tulle skirt, and a bow. Accessorize with pearls and fingerless lace gloves.


Sexy Halloween Costume Idea: Sailor

Ahoy! This sexy costume idea is the definition of smooth sailing. Plus, it makes for an easy DIY Halloween costume. Put on a blue dress and red heels, and potentially even a sailor hat, too, if you have it.


Sexy Halloween Costume Idea: Catwoman

Slip into your catsuit this Halloween with a sexy DIY costume as iconic as Catwoman herself. Wear black leggings, a mask, and a black turtleneck. Add black cat ears and knee-high boots, and you'll look fierce. Who doesn't love an all black ensemble?


Sexy Halloween Costume Idea: Sexy Mime

Try your hand at miming with this DIY sexy Halloween costume. After all, who needs words when you look as good as this?


Sexy Halloween Costume Idea: Allie and Noah From "The Notebook"

"The Notebook" is great inspiration for sexy Halloween costume ideas, even if the movie isn't necessarily sexy sexy. Tell your partner to wear a white shirt and a newsboy hat, and you wear a retro two-piece swimsuit, shorts, and a headband.


Sexy Halloween Costume Idea: Teacher

This teacher outfit may not be safe for school, but it's the ideal sexy DIY costume to turn heads this Halloween. What you need: a collared shirt, a black skirt, and a book (or apple).


Sexy Halloween Costume Idea: Poison Ivy

Definitely one of the cooler DC villains, Poison Ivy makes for a great DIY sexy Halloween costume. And if you're spending Halloween outdoors, her green look makes it easy to blend in with your surroundings. Just don't get lost in any corn field mazes or pumpkin patches. To recreate this look, cover a bikini or short dress in fake ivy leagues.


Sexy Halloween Costume Idea: Professional Dance Troupe

Show off your moves as a professional dance troupe. This sexy DIY costume is sure to get a round of applause from the crowd. All you need are matching leotards and top hats, and add glittery face paint for extra flair.


Sexy Halloween Costume Idea: Victoria's Secret Angel

Pretend the street is your runway. This hot Halloween costume idea is equal parts easy and sexy. What you need: a silk bathrobe, a bustier top, and feathery wings.


Sexy Halloween Costume Idea: '80s Fitness Athlete

Channel Jane Fonda with this sexy '80s costume idea. Sweat to your heart's content and still look great this Halloween by wearing neon-colored clothes to mix and match. Top it off with a piece of ribbon or sweatband.


Sexy Halloween Costume Idea: Beer

Brew something sexy this spooky season. A hot Halloween costume idea like this one is both fun and alluring, and it's really easy, too. All you need is a shiny gold tube dress and white felt for the foam and handle.


Sexy Halloween Costume Idea: Pixelated

This is the ideal getup for any "Sims" enthusiast. A sexy costume idea as funny as this one is sure to turn heads. Just print out different-colored patches online and glue on two pieces of cardboard.


Sexy Halloween Costume Idea: Deviled Egg

Pun gone sexy. After all, we're here for a good pun and a hot Halloween costume idea with devil horns, a red cape, a white minidress, and a yellow felt circle for the yolk.


Sexy Halloween Costume Idea: Beyoncé

We're all for re-creating this iconic Beyoncé outfit for your sexy DIY costume. Now, get in formation with a black bodysuit, fake bullets, and a black leather jacket.


Sexy Halloween Costume Idea: Rihanna

With this sexy costume idea, you can run the town as Rihanna for Halloween. Real Swarovski crystals or not, we're here for this look regardless.


Sexy Halloween Costume Idea: Music Festival Attendee

Whether it's Coachella or Lollapallooza, music festival attire makes for a great sexy Halloween costume idea. Now you can relive summer in your favorite festival gear, which you likely already have somewhere in your closet anyway.


Sexy Halloween Costume Idea: Britney Spears

When in doubt, channel one of Britney Spears's iconic music video outfits. Break school dress codes with this ". . . Baby One More Time" costume idea by wearing black knee-high socks, a black pleated skirt, a white collared shirt, a gray sweater, and pink poms for your braids.


Sexy Halloween Costume Idea: "101 Dalmatians"

This Disney movie might be an unlikely source of inspiration for sexy costume ideas, but we're here for it. Homemade outfits will make this costume come to life. Add black polka dots to any white pieces of clothing, add whiskers and ears, and bring on the puppy-dog eyes.


Sexy Halloween Costume Idea: Lara Croft From "Tomb Raider"

Here's a costume that's as simple as it is sexy. All you need is an olive-green crop top, black shorts, and fake weapons that will turn you into this gamer girl.


Sexy Halloween Costume Idea: Barbie

Come on Barbie, let's go party. This iconic look isn't just a sexy costume idea, but it'll also be perfect for this Halloween on the heels of the popular new "Barbie" movie. Wear a bubblegum-pink shirt or sports bra and lots of sparkles.


Sexy Halloween Costume Idea: Vampire

One word: fangtastic! This sexy Halloween costume idea is sure to turn heads at every party this season. By using a dollop of fake blood and wearing a black or red outfit, this look will turn you into the sexiest vampire Halloween has even seen.


Sexy Halloween Costume Idea: Mermaid

Release your inner mermaid with this sexy costume idea. Sequins, sparkles, and dreamy makeup will do the trick here. Make a mermaid tail out of metallic fabric or opt for a sheer half skirt like the one here, and dive into the sexiest Halloween yet.


Sexy Halloween Costume Idea: Daenerys Targaryen From "Game of Thrones"

Winterfell just got hotter. If you can find one in your wardrobe, a silver scale-print bikini will turn heads for this sexy Halloween costume idea. If not, a skimpy brown crop top or corset with a dragon accessory works just as well when you dress up as this "Game of Thrones" icon.


Sexy Halloween Costume Idea: Angel of Death

The underworld never looked so inviting. Create your own rendition of a dark angel with this DIY sexy Halloween costume.
A sexy black outfit with black wings will turn you into the Angel of Death in no time. Don't forget to add the seductive eye makeup, too!


Sexy Halloween Costume Idea: Twister

Who knew you could make a board game sexy? This hot Halloween costume idea is both unique and fun. All you need is a white dress and colored construction paper, which are the two key pieces to this costume. Cut out large circles in the construction paper, pin it to the dress, and get ready for a wild night.


Sexy Halloween Costume Idea: Cat

Can't go wrong with this classic look, especially because the only thing you really need here are cat ears and some makeup skills. The outfit is totally up to you, but we suggest anything black and sexy.


Sexy Halloween Costume Idea: Witch

This sexy costume idea is sure to bewitch everyone at the next Halloween party you attend. All that's required is a witch's hat and tantalizing black clothing.


Sexy Halloween Costume Idea: Lifeguard

Help! This sexy DIY costume is almost too hot to handle. Wear a red one-piece swimsuit and whistle, which will turn you into the beach babe of your dreams.


Sexy Halloween Costume Idea: Pikachu From "Detective Pikachu"

Finding the perfect sexy costume for this Halloween doesn't have to be a mystery. Don't worry, Detective Pikachu, we've got this costume conundrum covered. Wear a yellow tank top, yellow shorts, Pikachu ears, and a magnifying glass.


Sexy Halloween Costume Idea: Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn once said, "Behind every great man is a badass broad." Channel this Gotham City Siren's spunky attitude with this sexy DIY costume. Wear a quarter-sleeve top, itty-bitty red shorts, fishnet tights, and pink-and-blue pigtails. Bonus points if you include a bat.


Sexy Halloween Costume Idea: Sam Manson From "Danny Phantom"

Forget going ghost this Halloween and opt for this sexy DIY costume instead. We're sure Danny Phantom would love this outfit, complete with a black tank top, a plaid skirt, a choker, and a green hair scrunchy.


Sexy Halloween Costume Idea: Fanta Girls

Celebrate your love of soda and look great at the same time with this easy, sexy Halloween costume. Plus, this makes for a simple group costume for you and your friends.


Sexy Halloween Costume Idea: Alien

This outfit is out of this world. Thankfully, you don't need to travel to space to re-create this sexy DIY costume. As seen in the Instagram, wear a lace top, a neon green skirt, and some intergalactic makeup.


Sexy Halloween Costume Idea: McDonald's Hamburglar

You'll definitely look like a snack in a sexy DIY costume as good as this one. Wear a black-and-white striped bodysuit, knee-high tights, a bandit mask, and a black hat — don't forget the McDonald's cup!


Sexy Halloween Costume Idea: Minion

Is it possible to look sexy and super cute at the same time? This hot Halloween costume idea is both funny and unique. Simply buy the costume from a nearby Halloween retailer, or, wear a long-sleeve yellow shirt underneath some overalls.


Sexy Halloween Costume Idea: Wonder Woman

Being a hero has never looked better. This Wonder Woman costume makes for a sexy Halloween, and all you need is a red corset, blue shorts, metallic cuffs, and a bold red lip.