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Chocolate Pairings For Your Ideal Night In

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Sources: Godiva and Shutterstock
We've partnered with Godiva to inspire you to take your next night in from average to amazing.

Spending more time at home means it's all too easy to get bored of your standard evening. An occasional reality-TV binge feels like a treat, but the same thing night after night can make you bored of even your favorite show. Next time you have a free evening, spice up your plans — like with one of the curated suggestions in this quiz. Click through the questions below to discover your ideal way to spend an evening at home, including a tasty chocolate pairing — because everything's better with chocolate.

Image Sources: Godiva and Shutterstock

What's for dinner?

What hobby do you most want to try?

What's your go-to candle scent?

Pick your favorite lounging outfit.

Which nail art would you choose?