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Check Out the Cinda Pumpkin Spice Latte Squishmallow!

There's a New PSL Squishmallow, and Gah, the Little Pumpkin on Its Head!

Right now, anything pumpkin spice is a win in our book — it's fall's signature flavor! So when we stumbled across this new pumpkin spice latte Squishmallow (there's more than one) we had to spread the word. The Squishmallow's name is Cinda, and it features an array of details like a coffee sleeve, a whipped cream topping with orange sprinkles, a miniature pumpkin topper, and even a couple cinnamon sticks for good measure. From what we're gathering, this Squishmallow is a Claire's exclusive, so head to your local mall to pick one up. Those who've been lucky enough to snag one are taking pictures of it with their fall decorations — including actual pumpkin spice lattes — and we're absolutely obsessed. If the thought of this new seasonal Squishmallow makes your heart beat a little faster, have a look at the pictures ahead for full-blown cuteness overload. Best of luck finding it in stores!

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