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The Color Palette That Will Elevate Your Space This Year

It can be hard to land on a stylish but neutral palette for your home that feels fresh, and the ever-evolving trends are overwhelming. Are gray walls out? Is dark wood the new oak? Thankfully, this season's chicest color combo — indigo and silver — is a recurring theme in the At Home x Laila Ali collection.

By picking two shades that work well together and with any other neutrals, you'll be able to incorporate them room-to-room. So, from blue dishware to gray vases and everything in between, keep reading to see how these colors can refresh and elevate your home this season.


Shades of indigo (read: blue, cerulean, denim, etc.) are a subtle way to incorporate color into your otherwise neutral home. Have an all-white kitchen? Try indigo dishware to fancy up your normal breakfast routine. Continue the color infusion throughout your home with throw pillows, throw blankets, and simple vases. You'll be able to keep your home's sophisticated aesthetic while still making it feel elevated and Instagram-worthy.

The best part is that this color works for all seasons. Indigo feels cozy in the winter and refreshing in the summer, and depending on how you style it, you can dress it up or down — just like your wardrobe!


If indigo is the main character, silver is the delightful yet quirky best friend. Always there and always making any design situation better, silver is the perfect complementary color. The shiny sister to the ever-dependable gray, silver accent pieces throughout your home is the definition of low lift, big impact.

Whether incorporated in artwork, vases, or bedding, silver is what we call a statement-making neutral. That being said, it's a naturally cool tone, so it works best in a room that is otherwise warm (think dark wood tones and peachy undertones).