Who Ya Gonna Call For a Group Halloween Costume? Ghostbusters!

POPSUGAR Photography/ Arturo Torres
POPSUGAR Photography/ Arturo Torres
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When you need the perfect Halloween costume, who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters! Following the female reboot of the classic franchise, men and women of all ages can draw inspiration from the Ghostbusters crew . . . all it takes is some creativity and a proton pack.

How to Create It Yourself

POPSUGAR Photography/ Arturo Torres

To emulate a Ghostbuster, you should grab these things:

  • A khaki jumpsuit, like this one ($308) or this movie replica costume ($50)
  • A backpack (we added electrical tape and black hose to create "proton packs")
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Toy guns (we spray-painted Super Soakers)
  • A Ghostbusters symbol cutout

Don your all-tan outfit, gloves, boots, and belt. Top it all off with a cutout of the Ghostbusters symbol, grab your "proton pack," and you're ready to kick some paranormal booty.

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