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Do You Have Big Wing Energy? Quiz

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Source: Pizza Hut
Confidence, charisma, boldness: all personality traits that describe someone with BWE, or Big Wing Energy. We’ve partnered with Pizza Hut to help you channel your BWE at every occasion, from casual movie nights to watching the game with friends.

You've heard of BDE, the NSFW acronym we won't spell out here that describes someone with serious swagger. But what about BWE — Big Wing Energy? You know, that confident feeling you get from walking into a party with something everyone wants a piece of: Pizza Hut wings. BWE isn't something you can learn — it's a state of mind, and you either have it or you don't. Take this quiz to discover your particular brand of BWE, and find out how to channel it at your next party.

Image Source: Pizza Hut

You remember at the last minute that you have to bring something to movie night. What do you grab?

You finally match with someone you’re excited about. What kind of date do you suggest?

What’s your favorite way to spend a night with your friends?

Your friends decide that Friday night is now game night. What’s your game of choice?

What's your signature accessory?