Does the Reopening of Disneyland Really Require a Screaming Ban on Rides? Here's the Truth

While Disney World has remained opened for most of the year amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Disneyland in California has been closed. But after more than a year without that irresistible Disney magic, fans of the California park are gearing up to hit Main Street USA once again when the park reopens to visitors on April 30. But if you've heard a rumor circulating about a no-screaming rule as part of the reopening of California's theme parks, you're not alone. The news was reported by CBS LA, USA Today, and other media outlets, stating that the California Attractions and Parks Association's "Responsible Reopening Plan" to meet California's "Blueprint for a Safer Economy" and "Governor's Resilience Roadmap" includes a clause that would require no shouting or yelling from theme-park visitors. In short, it's simply not true — so don't stress, parkgoers!

The confusion started in part because of the state's "Blueprint for a Safer Economy" guidelines, which identified a range of risk criteria for industries to address, such as limiting singing, shouting, heavy breathing, and loud environments that will require people to raise their voice and potentially spread airborne particles of COVID-19. To address this issue, California Attractions and Parks Association (CAPA) released a reopening plan in September 2020 that stated "face-covering usage and/or modifications to seat loading patterns will be required on amusement park rides to mitigate the effects of shouting. Additionally, on rides, guests generally face in one direction." CAPA never suggested, however, the limiting of shouting, yelling, or screaming in amusement parks, which would be incredibly hard to enforce.

So if you're a California resident who plans to visit Disneyland come April 30, rest easy knowing that if you do happen to let out a scream while riding an attraction, you won't get in trouble. You should, however, try to contain yourself for the general safety of those around you. Just wear a mask, and as always, do your best to social distance and keep safe!