12 Simple Ways to Fully Embrace Fall Mornings

There's something indescribable about that moment when you step outside and you just know it's no longer Summer: the light falls differently, the air feels cool, and crisp leaves are underfoot. It's a wistful, fleeting time, but one that promises adventure and opportunity around every corner. In an effort to savor every last minute of this magical time, we're challenging you to slow down each morning so that you can fully enjoy everything Fall has to offer. From delighting in seasonal treats to participating in once-a-year traditions, take a timeout from your usual hectic morning by checking one of these activities off your Autumn bucket list. Keep reading for 12 small ways to celebrate the season ahead.

1. Wake up early and catch the sunrise. You'll be in for a visual treat since they're more vibrant during this time of year.

2. Indulge in your favorite seasonal beverage. There's nothing like a McCafé Pumpkin Spice Latte to warm you up.

3. Bundle up for a brisk jog through the sleepy streets and take in the stillness around you.

4. Paint your nails a fresh Fall hue, like a rich cranberry or sparkling amber, to reflect the fallen leaves.

5. Walk or bike to work and breathe in the crisp morning air.

6. Go for a scenic countryside drive and enjoy the changing foliage. Keep an eye out for maple or cypress trees, which are both easy to find and visually stunning.

7. Bake a decadent apple pie to warm up the house and delight your nose.

8. Curl up on the porch with nothing but a blanket and the sounds of nature.

9. Go apple picking early and relish in the empty orchard.

10. Cozy up in ultrathick knit socks and a plush, oversize sweater to mill around the house.

11. Take a trip to a nearby pumpkin patch and pick up your new porch-side companion.

12. Treat yourself to your favorite Fall baked goodies, perfectly paired with your seasonal beverage.

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