This Windshield Defrosting Hack Will Save You So Much Time on Cold Mornings

Winter is cozy and beautiful and lovely . . . unless you're trying to leave for work or school in the morning and your car is basically a freakin' igloo. But, thankfully, there's a hack for one of Winter's most annoying tasks: defrosting your windshield.

TikTok user Andrew Huston (@andrewh.7) shared this supersimple yet totally ingenious way to help de-ice your windshield in record time. All you have to do is fill a gallon-size plastic freezer bag about one third of the way with hot tap water and drag it across your windshield from top to bottom until you've covered the entire surface. The ice should turn to slush and fall right off, leaving your windshield clear and Winter-weather-free.

So, is it finally time to ditch the annoying ice scraper? Huston must be on to something, because the post already has over two million views. Test it out on the next frosty morning and see for yourself!