Etsy's Frankenstein and His Bride Halloween Succulent Planters Are Frightfully Adorable

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If your windowsill is anything like mine, it's probably lined with plants you've been attempting (with varying levels of success) to bring back from the dead. While they can't exactly send Victor Frankenstein's shock of life back into your succulents, Etsy's Frankenstein and His Bride Planters can do the next best thing: infuse all of your houseplants (overwatered and otherwise) with some much-needed Halloween spirit.

Born from a love of Mary Shelley's classic horror novel, the cute 3-D-printed planters, created by Etsy user BespokeGiftsStudio, come complete with bolts and stitches painted in silver and black. While Frankenstein is usually the star of the show, his bride's shock of black and white hair — which extends back behind the planter — and matching black eyeshadow create an old-timey horror effect that makes me want to add one to every room of my house this Halloween.

Shop the adorable Frankenstein and His Bride Planters ahead, and add a few spooky skeleton planters to your cart for an even more spook-tacular Halloween display this year.