Do Yourself a Favor and Check Out This "Goth Target" That's Taking Over TikTok

While it may seem like a normal Target to your average Chicago resident who walks by on the regular, TikTokers have dubbed this particular store "goth Target" (and for good reason). Located on State and Madison street in downtown Chicago, the dark and rather spooky Target resides in Chicago's Carson, Pirie, Scott and Company building that was built in 1899. The black exterior and ornate architecture (which is technically art nouveau design not gothic) are what make it look dark and mysterious. From the #GothTarget hashtag that's racked in 6 million views and counting on TikTok, you can see where the fascination around this Target lies. The exterior's beautifully crafted design as well as the interior's columns, detailed entryway, and unique second-floor Target sign proves that this Target is anything but ordinary. Take a look at the videos TikTok users are making of the store ahead, and make sure to check it out the next time you're in Chicago!