From Date Dashes to Themed Parties, These Halloween Costumes Are Scary Good

Halloween parties are all about the wildly creative, totally trendy, and drop-dead cute costumes, so why not get an A-plus in every category? For all the gatherings happening this season, get in character when you dress up in one of these frighteningly festive costumes that range from timely pop culture references to scary-good original ideas to something that you can totally make yourself that will be both crafty and clever. We know college costume parties are some of the best all year, so make sure you're in nothing less than a bone-chillingly perfect outfit. Do yourself a favor and check out the hottest costumes you can wear to every party this season, and make Halloween goosebump-worthy in all the best ways.


Thing 1 or Thing 2

Pair a "Thing 1" or "Thing 2" shirt with the coziest red sweatsuit you have. After you bundle up, wear a blue wig and red lipstick to make your outfit a masterpiece.


Creepy Ballerina

This killer costume is all about the makeup. Create the illusion of a cracked face by using an eyeliner pencil to section off different areas of your skin. Then, use bronzer and foundation to fill them in. From there, throw on a dress and a tutu, and pull your hair up into a high bun. Your work is complete!


Beret Girl From An Extremely Goofy Movie

As long as you have the makeup and hair down, you can become P.J.'s love interest in moments. And the makeup doesn't look too hard!


Cinderella After Midnight

Want to enchant everyone this holiday? Wear a blue dress to re-create the princess's funny look. Throw on a blue headband or crown and white shoes to add a bit more magic to your look.


Harley Quinn

A hot costume for the last couple years, the idea of being Harley Quinn isn't going anywhere any time soon. High pigtails (one colored blue and the other pink), distressed pinstripe shorts, and a long-sleeve shirt are all you need to become this iconic character. Wear a bold necklace, colorful gloves, and a black belt with a padlock. Now, you're ready to hit the town.


Harry Potter

Use a long cloak (even a graduation gown will do), and top it off with a striped scarf. Make sure to draw a lightning bolt scar on your head!


Slytherin Student

A white collared shirt, a green striped tie, and a black blazer will turn you into a Slytherin student from Harry Potter in no time.


Gabriella From Brink!

Gabriella from Brink! didn't mess around, and neither does this costume. Overalls and rollerblades are all that's needed to achieve this skater vibe.


Selena Quintanilla

Channel the late Selena Quintanilla with a sexy outfit inspired by the talented and beautiful singer.


Minnie Mouse

A red polka-dotted dress and a matching bow is all this Minnie Mouse outfit needs.



A large flannel shirt is the main article of clothing you need to be a scarecrow. If you're somewhere really chilly, make sure to get one that's made with heavy fabric. Pair that with a straw hat and overalls, and you'll be ready to take things outside.


Sasha Bratz Doll

Etch the word "Bratz" into a white T-shirt, cut out the top, and throw your hair into a few pigtails to get the true Sasha Bratz doll look. Take it a step further and re-create Sasha's awesome makeup look to complete the costume.



One word: fangtastic. A dollop of fake blood and a black or red outfit will turn you into the sexiest vampire Halloween has even seen.



Channel one of Rihanna's looks from years past when you drench yourself in sparkles and throw on a cut-out Gucci tank and jean shorts. Finish off the look with black sunglasses and sneakers.



Super easy and also very sexy, dressing up as a devil makes being bad look so good. Just wear a red dress, devil horns, and add some red-hot makeup.


Kim Possible

Call me, beep me! Kim Possible rocks cool camo pants with a black long-sleeve shirt, and you can, too. If you're cold, you can add a black jacket over your outfit.


Snow White From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

You don't need a gown to become Snow White! This denim crop top and yellow skirt will do.


Scar From The Lion King

If you're a makeup-lover, this Scar from The Lion King look is out of this world.



Want to be cute and creepy this year? You can look like a doll by going all out with eye makeup — brightening white liner along the lower lash line is a must for achieving a doe-eyed effect, as are false lashes and multiple coats of mascara. Finish off your look with a big bow.


The Big Bad Wolf

Sorry, Grandma. If you want to be this Little Red Riding Hood character, you'll need to wear a fuzzy jacket and brown ears. Draw on a little nose and whiskers and tousle your hair to make it look mischievously messy.



Being a spider is not only kind of creepy, but it's also kind of cute. Spiderweb eye makeup is the move here, along with spider jewelry and a mesh shirt. You'll be creepy (and crawly!) before you know it.


The Child From The Mandalorian

If Baby Yoda stole your heart, then this costume is for you. Wear an olive-green or light-brown dress or jacket, pull your hair back into tight buns to re-create his pointy ears, and look as cute as can be. Feel free to experiment with green makeup, too!



Channel the biggest icon of all: Beyoncé. To re-create this superstar's look, you'll need cut-off jean shorts, a yellow sweatshirt, and tall boots.


Alex From A Clockwork Orange

With a bowler hat, a set of false lashes, and an all-white outfit, you can easily dress as the dystopian antihero from Stanley Kubrick's 1970s film.



If you have a black dress and pointy ears, the only thing left that you'll need to be a bat is a makeshift cape. Cut a wing-like design in a blanket or piece of cloth and take on the night!



Make a barista costume even cuter by putting this clever spin on it. All you have to do is wear a barista apron, bear ears, and face makeup. Don't forget your iced coffee!


Captain Obvious

How do you not LOL when you see this? A captain's hat and name tag make this an easy costume that people will give you props for.


Carmen Sandiego

Where in the world do you get a Carmen Sandiego costume? As long as you have a red trench coat and a red hat, then you've got one!


Crazy Cat Lady

All you need for this one is a housecoat, wild hair, too much lipstick, and too many stuffed cats — extra credit if you already own them.


Deviled Egg

Everyone will get a laugh out of this creative costume. Just draw on a little yellow on a white shirt and put on a pair of devil horns, and let this costume win Halloween.


First Base

Only take things as far as first base on Halloween with the help of this costume! Dress up as a baseball player and put kiss marks wherever you please.


Daphne Blake

The most sophisticated member of the Scooby-Doo crew can easily be taken on with a purple dress, green scarf, and bright red wig.


Elliot From E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Easy and simple, all you need to be Elliot from E.T. is a red zip-up jacket, a bike, and any kind of creature you want. The sky is the limit here!


Hot-Dog Stand

Calling all dog-lovers! If you want to dress up with your furry friend this Halloween, being a hot-dog stand is about as good as it gets. Dress up your pup in a hot-dog costume, and get as creative as you want with your own costume. We recommend carrying the appropriate condiments and a hot-dog sign.


It's Raining Men

Hallelujah! It's raining men! Make your own umbrella or attach photos of your favorite men to an umbrella and let the fun begin. Finish off the outfit with a raincoat or waterproof poncho.


Killer Clown

Clowns are scary as is, so this killer clown definitely takes it up a notch. You can DIY this costume with some fun mix-and-match clothing and face paint.



Be a sweet treat this Halloween when you dress up as a strawberry. All you need is a red shirt or dress, green and black construction paper, and a small green hair accessory.


Misbehavior and Misdirection

Who wants to be Miss America when you can be Misbehavior and Misdirection instead? Put on a formal dress and crown, and make a sash with the corresponding name. Just add props to make this costume complete!


A Shrimp on the Barbie

Cute, creative, and ideal for anyone with a sense of humor, dressing up as a shrimp on the "barbie" will win you applause for the rest of the year. Find a Barbie shirt or make your own, and keep your eyes peeled for a shrimp hat. You are ready to take on the holiday!


Beanie Baby

Pick your animal and then make a Ty tag for this easy throwback costume.



If you have an old Frisbee lying around, consider transforming it into a big bowl of ramen for your next costume. Just add noodles and your favorite toppings to the dish, and everyone will want to eat you up!


Blind Mice

Even if you can't convince two of your friends to do this one with you, you can still pretend to be a blind mouse who lost her other pals.


Cher Horowitz

Clueless star Cher Horowitz is easy to reenact with a plaid two-piece set and the boxiest cell phone you can find.



Say howdy to the easiest costume ever — all it takes is a chambray button-down and a wide-brimmed hat to become a cowgirl.


Devil Wears Prada

Not everyone can pull off a Meryl Streep costume, but dressing up as a devil wearing Prada is easy — you can even write 'Prada' across a plain shirt if, like most people, you don't happen to have anything from Prada lying around.


Dora the Explorer

You can be the grown-up version of Dora the Explorer if you've got a purple backpack. It also wouldn't hurt to carry around a map.


Flight Attendant

Most skirt suits will work to create this costume, so it's all in the hat and the name tag. To be an old-school flight attendant, you'll want a dainty hat, and you should also have a name tag with your airline on it.


WWII-Era Army Girl

An olive-green blazer with a tasteful pencil skirt will give this wartime outfit the old-school vibes it needs. Curl your hair and pin it back to complete the look.


Killer Housewife

Throw on a dress, an apron, and some pearls, and you'll be the spitting image of a typical 1950s housewife. You can add rubber gloves and a sponge for good measure.


Mary Poppins

This ladylike look requires a black bowler hat, a black skirt, black tights, a white button down, and a cute red bow tie. Don't forget your umbrella!


Woodland Fairy

This dreamy costume idea is all you need to have a magical Halloween. Find a flowy dress and attach faux flowers to it with safety pins. Add a flower crown and wings for an extra dreamlike touch.


Resting Witch Face

Take a classic witch costume to the next level by putting a funny spin on it. Make a shirt that says "resting witch face," and you are sure to have everyone under your spell.


Party Animal

Dress up as any animal you please and top it with a party hat for an instantly clever costume.


Rosie the Riveter

If you want to be something iconic (and easy!), Rosie the Riveter is calling your name. A red bandana and blue jean shirt will bring this costume to life.



Perfect for the Fall and easy for any costume party during the year, being a scarecrow never gets old. Find your cutest flannel and pair of overalls and complete the look with a touch of cute makeup.



Be as mysterious as Sia for the night with her trademark black-and-white wig and giant hair bow. You don't need dollar bills to have fun, but your compromised vision might require someone to lead you around the party.


Spice Girls

If you and your friends friends want to go in on a costume together, being the Spice Girls is as good as it gets. Have everyone dress up as their favorite singer and just strike their famous pose.



We've all been a tourist at one time or another. A Hawaiian shirt, sunglasses, and a floppy hat are all you need for this look.


Elton John From Rocketman

TBH, the crazier the outfit, the better. If you really want to dress up like the legend himself, you'll need an outfit that is complete with colors and designs of all kinds. If you're really feeling wild, you can copy his devil outfit and go all out with feathers, flames, and sparkle . . . so much sparkle.


Miss Universe

Step aside, Priyanka Chopra — you, too, can be Miss Universe for the night. Use anything from a little black dress to a trash bag for your universe, and decorate it with an array of colorful planets (with bonus points for scientific accuracy).


Fleabag From Fleabag

Good news! You can dress like Fleabag without looking like a fleabag! Her notable jumpsuit, red lipstick, and a cig will take you to London and back again. Have a partner in crime? Have them dress up like the priest in season two!


Roy Lichtenstein-Inspired Pop Art Print

If you want your Halloween costume to be a work of art, then opt for a Roy Lichtenstein-inspired costume. This one is all about the makeup, so be sure to have your palettes ready!


Jean Grey From X-Men: Dark Phoenix

The Jean Grey look can go one of two ways. You can be the cool, calm, and collected Jean in a navy blue cardigan and black jeans or you can go into world-saving mode and turn into the powerful Phoenix by wearing her iconic blue and yellow 'fit. Take your pick!


Carrie Bradshaw From Sex and the City

The ultimate style icon, dressing up as Carrie Bradshaw will require hot street style and voluminous curls. Any of her outfits are fair game, so get creative!


Mia Thermopolis From The Princess Diaries

Genovia won't even know what's coming when you dress up as Mia Thermopolis this Halloween. You can either be the pre-princess version of Mia by wearing a school uniform and glasses, or you can be the princess version by wearing her iconic silk off-the-shoulder dress with a tiara.


Taylor Swift at the American Music Awards

A pink and gold fringe dress with silver booties and pink hair is all you need to be to transform into Taylor Swift's glam American Music Awards outfit.



Glitter on glitter is the motto of this costume! Pack on the glitter and rainbow colors to make this costume come to life.



If you don't want to go all out with a costume, doing your face makeup to resemble a skeleton will do just fine. Wear black and white to complete the costume.


Taylor Swift's 1989 Album Cover

Sing along to your favorite songs this Halloween when you dress up as Taylor Swift's 1989 album cover. You'll need a blue and white long-sleeved shirt and red lipstick. Carry around a white cutout to make it look like you're a Polaroid picture.