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This New Version of Monopoly Celebrates Female Inventors

A Ms. Monopoly Board Game Has Arrived, and Female Players Make More Than Males

This New Version of Monopoly Celebrates Female Inventors
Image Source: Hasbro

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Hasbro is releasing a new version of Monopoly where the mustachioed, top-hat-wearing Rich Uncle Pennybags isn't the center of attention — his niece is. Dubbed Ms. Monopoly, the brand-new game is focused on celebrating female entrepreneurs, as players advance around the board investing in products and inventions created by women, rather than throwing down cash on properties and railroads. Some examples of said featured innovations include bulletproof vests, life rafts, stem-cell isolation, and retractable dog leashes.

As the packaging indicates, it's "the first game where women make more than men." Each female player receives $1,900 from the banker at the beginning, whereas the men receive just $1,500. And when players pass go, women are awarded $240, while men are awarded $200. Can we get a hell yeah? Take that, gender pay gap!

This is also the first time Hasbro has replaced the iconic Monopoly Man with a different mascot, and we must admit that Ms. Monopoly is the perfect candidate to fill such big shoes. I mean, we simply have no choice but to discuss her poise and elegance. That subtle hand-on-the-hip action! That to-go cup of coffee with a "boss" sleeve! That crisp gray blazer! Those diamond earrings she most definitely bought for herself! I think Ms. Monopoly is the independent icon 2019 has been waiting for.

Ms. Monopoly is currently available for pre-order on, and Hasbro is planning to roll it out to major retailers nationwide by mid-September. While marketing the board game, Hasbro spotlighted three young female inventors they surprised with $20,580 — in real dollars, not the multicolored Monopoly type — to fund their personal projects. The awarded girls include 16-year-old Sophia Wang, who invented a device that identifies sinkholes before they occur; 13-year-old Gitanjali Rao, who designed a system that helps detect lead in drinking water; and 16-year-old Ava Canney, who created an apparatus that measures the amount of harmful dyes in candies and sodas.

Ahead, check out the Ms. Monopoly board game in all its glory, and keep reading to watch Hasbro's touching video to learn more about the trio of young inventors they chose to highlight.

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