Disney's Haunted Mansion Crocs Are So Extra, It's Scary — So Naturally, We Need Them

If the shoes in our closet count as 999 happy haunts (the ghosts of past paychecks, TBH), then we surely have room for one more pair, no matter how ridiculous they are, right? Yeah, we thought so, which is why we need Disney's Haunted Mansion Crocs.

The vibrantly purple-and-black Crocs, which were first spotted by Instagram user @hatboxproductions, are designed after Disney's popular attraction. They feature the design of the classic and creepy Haunted Mansion wallpaper that hangs inside the manor. There's also a Haunted Mansion logo on the sides of both shoes, and Mickey-shaped holes have replaced the classic Croc openings. Just the right amount of extra? Yep.

They're being sold in Memento Mori, the shop near the Haunted Mansion at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, and cost around $50, according to @hatboxproductions. No surprise here, but they're rumored to be flying off the shelves.

The Crocs are the latest addition to unique Haunted Mansion merchandise that Disney is rolling out — the parks also recently debuted a Haunted Mansion face mask and last year debuted a vintage-style Haunted Mansion dress. These shoes are also not Disney's only foray into the cozy footwear — among other styles, last year they released a popular pair of Christmas-themed Crocs. But we have to admit, the Haunted Mansion Crocs are giving us foolish mortals more chills.