Come, Little Children! This Hocus Pocus Pop-Up Bouquet Is a Bewitching Halloween Surprise

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Lock the windows and shut the blinds, because the Sanderson sisters are on the rise! Our veins are bubbling with the Halloween spirit, and just as we prepare to line the mantel with decorative skeleton heads and set a spooky welcome mat outside the front door, this Hocus Pocus bouquet has arrived to claim its rightful place on our coffee tables. Infused with spooktacular references to the 1993 film, the 3-D paper bouquet includes cut-outs of Winifred, Sarah, and Mary Sanderson, the black flame candle, Winnie's book of spells, and a chilling green bottle of the infamous Life Potion. So we're 100-percent ready to make this the centerpiece of all our fall dinners through Oct. 31 (and beyond).

The bouquet itself, which sits in a vase wrapped in thorny vines, is composed of flowers in black, purple, and orange Halloween shades. Best of all, because it's made of paper, the bouquet — much like our love for the Sanderson sisters — will never die (probably). Shop the matching "double, bubble, toil, and trouble" Hocus Pocus pop-up card, a Nightmare Before Christmas-themed bouquet, and more spooky Halloween surprises ahead.