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Take Our Personality Quiz to Find Out How to Unwind Tonight

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Once the work day is over, it’s time to switch gears! Teaming up with Cupcake Vineyards, we’re sharing small, fun ways to toast yourself tonight.

No matter how small, every daily win deserves to be celebrated. Maybe you finally got around to reorganizing your closet. Maybe you mastered a new yoga pose. Or maybe you made it through a particularly stressful week. Whatever the accomplishment, answer the questions below to find out how to turn your perfect night of indulgence up a notch and treat yourself to some well-deserved self-care.

What Type of Mini Celebration Should You Throw Yourself?
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Choose the emojithat best describesyour mood: 😭 🤗 🙃 😣 🤤 What normally keepsyou up at night? Your 37-step beautyregimen Your lit social life A wandering mindfull of genius ideas TV’s latestdocuseries All that garlic youhad with dinner On a typicalSaturday, you’reusually: Getting your nailsdone . . . again Socializing withfriends —bottomless brunch,anyone? Working on yourlatest masterpiece Cozy and content athome (mud maskincluded) Finally masteringMom’s bakedchicken dish What’s your socialmedia platform ofchoice? Instagram Facebook TikTok Twitter Pinterest What’s your guiltypleasure? Selfies (don’t @me) Social media —especially duringwork hours (oops!) Practicing my“Renegade” duet Polishing off thePringles tube whilebinge-watching Eating dessertbefore dinner — orwhenever!