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How to Celebrate Small Milestones With Friends

How to Always Be Prepared to Show Your Friends You Care, From Big Occasions to Everyday Victories

We partnered with Extra Refreshers Gum to remind you to celebrate the little victories in life, as well as the major milestones — and to take the time to make those small gestures that mean so much.

Why limit celebrations and gifting to weddings, babies, and birthdays? There are so many special moments that happen every day that don’t get enough attention — you totally deserve a cake for (correctly) filing your taxes for the first time! So when your friend tells you about an everyday accomplishment, why not turn it into a moment worth celebrating? Who says making it to a third date isn't a milestone, or that changing a tire can't be an occasion for patting yourself on the back? Keep reading to get a little inspo on how to make a party out of those relatable, unsung accomplishments that happen on the reg.


Yeah, girl! She changed a tire like the badass she is. Celebrate your friend's roadside victory by creating the Spotify road trip playlist to end all playlists, and give her the gift of Extra Refreshers Tropical Mist Gum — it's the perfect cupholder companion for trips near and far.


Honestly, any time you or a friend manages finances like an actual adult should be cause for celebration. Seriously — when anyone finally figures out the correct number of withholdings to make or if they really are the head of household, it definitely deserves recognition. Treat your boss babe friend and host a game night — Monopoly should be right up her alley.


Get it! It's hard enough just to take the stairs one flight up instead of the elevator, but five days of heart-pumping action? She's an inspiration to us all. Give your strong friend the gift of relaxation and book a mani/pedi date or spa day for the two of you. It's a win-win for you both.


Hey, dating is hard. It's basically the Wild West out there for single women — all the traditional rules have gone out the window. So we need to celebrate those success stories, even if it's just three good dates! Get your girlfriend prepared to nail the fourth by gifting her some date-night essentials: travel-sized lipstick, a mini hairbrush for smoothing flyaways, and Extra Refreshers Spearmint Gum for kissably fresh breath.

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