2020 Is a Leap Year, So Get Ready For an Extra Day

Leap years, which occur once every four years, have one extra day, making the year 366 days long instead of the usual 365. And we've got good news for anyone wishing for just a little extra time: 2020 is a leap year! Oh, and it's on a Saturday!

But why, exactly, do we have leap years? It's more scientific than anything. Because the Earth takes 365.25 days to rotate around the Sun, that gives us roughly a quarter of a day extra each year. So we need to add a full day every four years to keep the calendar correct.

There are a few traditions (and superstitions) tied to leap years, including women proposing to their partners on this day rather than waiting on them to pop the question (you may remember the slightly cringe-worthy movie Leap Year starring Amy Adams about this very tradition). In other countries, like Italy and Russia, a leap year is considered to be bad luck.

So when Feb. 29 rolls around, make the most of the extra day however you see fit, whether it's by binging Netflix or doing something totally crazy. After all, you won't get the chance again for another four years!